[News] Canon 1D X Available for Pre-Order!

[News] Canon 1D X Available for Pre-Order!

Canon's flagship 1D X was announced quite early. But thankfully, it's now available for pre-order at B&H PhotoVideo or at Adorama! The 1D X features full 1080p video, better autofocus, an insane 12fps continuous shooting at the full 18 megapixels, and improved metering, among plenty of other features you'd expect from the best of the best at Canon. Find all the information you'd want on Canon's page. B&H even says quantity is limited, so if you want it anytime soon, pre-order now!

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The specs are insane, to me a 500D owner. 12 18 megapixels frames per second sounds unbelievable.

Right!? When does photography end and videography begin? Even if they get to 20fps, can we not count that as video? It'll be interesting to see if the industry every holds up...maybe we'll be seeing DSLRs shooting 18mp video someday. Forget about 4k...that's a HUGE screen! Haha.

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I think you are onto something ;)

i think it may be too much for me. There too many specs in this camera that i would never use (at least i think i won't ever use them) This is more towards sports shooters. It'll be good for weddings too, but kinda over kill for my low-profile status. I do respect canon a lot more for such a magnificent piece of work though. I'll stick with my 5DMkII. I'll just wait until the 5DMKIV or X or whatever canon think of next. I might even switch back to film, medium format.

I have to say I'm shooting a ton of film these days... It's just so perrrty...

This is the perfect camera for me, perfect being a subjective word. Too bad perfect is also out of budget. 

is it just me as a nikon fan, or does the 1Dx back really looks that weird + ugly? :)

it's just you :-))

It doesn't feel as good in your hand as a Nikon, that's for sure, but the fPS sounds insannnneee

No comment...except that one is based on a design by an incredible firm...Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nikon?

Pre-order? Just got the Nikon D4 two days ago. Check the first unboxing video/images and high ISO real-world night shots at http://www.candyboximages.com/category/tech-gear/

I can't believe it took 6 generations of 1D cameras before we got a thumb toggle to select AF points on both the horizontal and vertical grips.