[News] Nikon D800 Stomps Canon 5DM3 In DxO Test

[News] Nikon D800 Stomps Canon 5DM3 In DxO Test

The Nikon Vs Canon war rages on, this time Nikon fan boys will gain a little ammunition. As you may have heard, the 36mp sensor inside the Nikon D800 is the highest rated sensor of all time (a 95), beating even medium format cameras that cost over $50,000.00. DxO Mark recently released their reviews of the Canon 5D Mark III sensor and it received a score of 81 that puts the camera in 10th place. Whether you are a Nikon or Canon fan, remember that we are giving both of these cameras away in our current Facebook contest so everyone wins right?

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I don't understand why every comparison for these cameras that I see online, shows that the 5dmk3 kicks the d800's butt in low light. Yet, DxO says, that it's the opposite? Hmm.

if you guys want an in depth review of cameras.  Got to DPreview and it will give the most objective reviews of the camera.  They have been in the business for years.  My lenses are canon already and changing to nikon is really a big move that I'm not willing to take.  Both cameras are good but I have made money with my canon already.  Technicalities are technicalities, it all boils down to your creative composition of the image.  You guys may just be engineers if you go too technical.  No body cares about low light, grain, or any technicalities exept the geeks.  What the masses want to see is the artistic view of each individual.

People who dont cares about quality, low light performance, grain, speed etc etc didn´t buy a 3000$ camera. This two cameras are profesional segment, and every professional wants to know the features that his work tool can offer to him. If someone dont care about this cameras features, they really dont need to buy one, save money and play with instagram instead buying a serious photographer tool.

The only thing that the 5d mark iii beat the d800 is low light in video mode.

A test is a test is a test. It's like shooting ISO charts. Do Pros shoot charts for a living? I don't think so. :-)

It all comes down to what one finds useful in a camera body. (And, perhaps, the investment already in on lenses, flashes, etc.)

Regardless, the real winners are the consumers, these two cameras are kick ass.

Fstoppers most of the time only post reviews and situations that favour Nikon. Many real world tests show the 5DMKIII trouncing the D800 in low light and in AF where even renowned photographers like Scott Bourne and other reviewed it in actual situations that test the AF. You would never see those reviews here though. Granted the sensor in the D800 has some nice dynamic range, I will concede that. I guess those Sony boys did a good job for Nikon in that regard.

I am not a fan boy of either camp since I have both Canon and Nikon gear. It just bothers me that Fstoppers has such a wide reach and they are so clearly biased to Nikon which then influences the public.

I agree we definitely lean towards Nikon here not because we dislike Canon, but simply because Patrick and I own Nikon and so reviewing Canon gear is harder for us because we can't get our hands on it. We are trying to hire more people who will be solely responsible for reviewing Canon and other brands but until then, we are killing ourselves to even review the gear that we already own. 

This post is a non-bias post though and I would have made it even if the results were the other way around. 

Who cares about what brand you shoot with! Keep posting great photography posts as you already do. When I need spec sheets I have no problem finding them online anyway...

I dunno man, I think they're doing a great job reviewing whatever they can.  Fstoppers is defined pretty much however Lee and Pat see fit so they can post "spec sheets" if they'd like... not a big deal.  I'm happy with content, no such thing as too much unless it's crap quality or illegitimate.  Now I want spec sheets galor!!! :P

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We posted both those rodeo and studio shoot videos that leaned heavily towards Canon in real world situations.  DXO seems to be the goto site for scientific reviews so of course we have to post their results.  

To Lee AND Patrick,

It is also the propaganda involved that bothers me. Take for example that same rodeo shoot. Was it titled "Canon has better AF than Nikon" ? No, it carried a title that just generically had 5DMKIII vs D800.

Has Fstoppers posted about the 5DMKIII light leak? Yep, it exists! Did the D800 beat the 5DMKIII on the DXOMark test, Definitely! No problem with that, but what about the D800 long exposure problem? Link here: http://emmanuelcoupe.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/nikon-d800-long-exposures-...

The glaring D800 AF issues with lenses? Link here: http://blog.mingthein.com/2012/04/05/and-the-nikon-d800-autofocus-saga-c...

The fact that a D800 "exploded"?! Link here:

That the D800 has speed issues with writing to cards? Link here:

The list goes on and on for BOTH cameras.

The point is not that it is a Nikon/Canon war, but if I was interested in an SLR and I never tried either brand and I did a search on the internet, due to the wide influence of Fstoppers, one would think that Nikon has some clear advantage and has almost no issues, which it doesn't. Both brands like all products, have issues.

The way this post was made shows clear bias because it makes it seem like the D800 is clearly superior sensor-wise than medium format cameras. This test by DXOMark averages in ISO and speed, which are fields the medium format cameras were never meant to compete in.

You guys need to be a little more politically correct in how you post and the content of the posts because as well respected photographers running an extremely popular blog, your words can have quite a strong effect on those now starting out in this craft.

On a totally unrelated note, as I have the attention of both of you, you all should get a copy-editor because quite a few of the recent slate of posts by the other authors have embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors.

honestly when it comes down to it, you're reading a blog. fstoppers never tries  to tell you its not a blog. blogs are naturally biased and not politically correct. This blog was started by 2 professional photographers heavily invested in nikon products, of course the sunk cost fallacy is going to have at least a small effect on their mind. you should never trust one source for any information these days, the internet is full of lies. 

and as far as grammar technicalities, its a blog... the meaning of  their posts is never misunderstood so in linguistic terms they are communicating perfectly.

My God, this is what I hate when a site becomes too popular, frustrated people start to write too much. Accusing Lee and Pat of something is ridiculous. This is not a political site and I know for a fact that Lee and Pat are noway near trying to frustrate anyone or try to say that Nikon is better. They just don't give a DAMN. If you like to attack people, go write on Zack Arias Blog who keeps saying after being a Nikon and Canon users that both sucks big time because now he shoots with a Phase One. Go On dpreview.com and blast all the other fanboys but honestly, here it's a community that just want to helps other and like to joke around and have fun everyday. That doesn't mean they don't take their job seriously but having fun everyday is more important. Oh and by the way, if Grammars is a problem for you, go read articles somewhere else! There's people all around the world here posting and just like me, who aren't fully bilingual and do make mistakes. 

Chill out and have a great day

 I like your way of thinking, I had the same exact thought before, this site is more based Nikon + Bocketwizard, while some others are Canon + RadioPopper :) I think it is the PC vs. Mac war, but in the photography world :) Cheers,

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I disagree.  If you catch the videos posted in http://bit.ly/I0mxUd and http://bit.ly/IDzjeJ, you'll see that the reviewers have already addressed the slow AF and questionable low-light sensitivity, as well as the slow frame rate of the D800.  While the first video slightly sides with the D800, the second video overwhelmingly sides with the 5DMkIII.

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haha the cannon shooters get all defensive

i'm suspicious of that site. not sure how the d800 would beat those medium formats or the d4. I have recently ordered the d4. could have gotten myself two d800s for the price of the d4. After doing my research, I have no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision choosing the D4.

The d800 and 5diii are more readily available to consumers than are the flagship models. I believe this site pushes on those models for advertising purposes. hey i could be wrong but things just seem very fishy on that site.

It wins because they average a bunch of tests together. If you were scoring simply on resolution of course the Phase would win but when you average that with ISO performance the Phase can't keep up.

If you shoot sports, obviously the D4 will beat the D800 but for an all around sensor, their tests show the D800 is superior.

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Exactly, the D800 wins because of the average score.  Medium format cameras can't win in ISO or Speed and those make up maybe 1/3 of the overall test score.  

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Hmmm, I think FStoppers news is a 'little' biased to Nikon. Maybe because this site or moderator or news poster is sponsored by Nikon :)

But I think its not a huge problems, still FStoppers is the best. Keep a good work guys :D

I wish Nikon would sponsor us :)

Seriously. Even as a Canon guy I would be stoked by that. 

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Let it be known that even as writers of a major photography site, NPS members, AND at the top of the BH preorder list....I still haven't gotten my D4 and Lee only recently got his after making a fuss.  So yeah no pref treatment here

Patrick, you can always borrow one of my D4's... I have two ;-)

ughh gawd... canon fanboys all defensive.. fstoppers guys are Nikon users, period.
just admit defeat Canon users. ;)
i kid, i kid.

When I order something and it's delivered on time, do I care if it was shipped via ups or fedex? Not at all. As long as it's where I need it  to be on time. Nikon / Canon... to be honest, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is if the client is happy. They don't care what system you shoot. 

To top it off, the majority of these tests that are out there will not effect 99% of people. There are much bigger things in life to worry about.

A camera is a tool. Shoot the one that best suites you. I just wish that this site would stop preaching Canon hate all the time. I get it you guys shoot Nikon.

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We aren't preaching anything, only sharing what DXO has found....perhaps the most trusted test comparison site.  Would you be offended if DPReview had the same findings?

ridiculous to even think that Pat and Lee are "attacking" or hating any Canon users... R I D I C U L O U S !