Nikon Announces D7100, Pre-Order Now!

Nikon Announces D7100, Pre-Order Now!

Tonight, Nikon announced the much-anticipated D7100, the D7000 replacement. The new camera merges aspects of the D7000 and D300 in this updated body that's similar to the D600 in build. In a nutshell: 24MP, 6fps, no AA filter, professional-level AF performance -- all for $1,199.

Pre-order the Nikon D7100 body at B&H for $1,199.00
Or, get the body and 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR DX lens kit for $1,599.00.

The camera should ship March 21st.

Full Specs:

- $1,199 body only, $1,599 kit
- 24MP CMOS APS-C (DX) sensor
- No AA filter
- 6fps
- 100-6400 ISO (expandable to 25,600)
- Max 1/8000 shutter speed
- Expeed 3 processor
- 51-point AF, 15 cross-type (quite impressive for this little guy)
- Dual SD card slots
- 3.2" monitor
- Built-in HDR function
- Same-as-before 1080p 24/25/30p, 60p at 720p
- Magnesium-alloy body, moisture resistant

You can get more information from NikonUSA here.

Nikon has also announced the WR-1 wireless radio transceiver that lets the photographer control the D7100 from another WR-1 unit, much like a Profoto Air system with a screen for your DSLR, if that makes sense. These can even be strung together in a system across multiple cameras. It'll be interesting to know what other cameras will be compatible with this new transceiver... Pricing for the WR-1 or the new battery grip that will be available have not yet been announced.

What's most interesting here is the lack of an anti-aliasing filter, as Nikon did with the D800E. It seems, here, that there is no option to include it (and therefore no option to charge more for its removal). What does this mean? While some images might exhibit more moiré, they will all be quite a bit sharper, providing a higher resolution image. I'm all for this, really, and think it's great Nikon is taking advantage of it.

The price isn't bad, either. Did Nikon totally score with this one? It seems to me you can't beat this for the price. What do you think?

nikon d7100

nikon d7100 4

nikon d7100 3

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RUSS's picture

If it only was available in that awesome RED or even professional BROWN colors, i'd buy it....
Seriously though, nice specs but, for only 350 bucks i can repair my D2X's shutter and have a killer pro camera.
 i think ill have to pass on this one.

24mp DX with no AA filter. The anthem for D7100 users would be That's a Moire!

For real now...

Spy Black's picture

 Nikon has processing in Capture NX software, as well as having worked with Adobe in processing images in Lightroom, to deal with moiré if it crops up. I don't mean blurring the image either, they processing it in some different way. Have a look at this sample processed in
Capture NX:

Not to mention that you will be able to get a D7000 for an incredible price. I like the direction the camera market is going these days.

I'm sticking with my Nikon D3 thank you very much.

I have a D7000 with some DX lens and have ordered the D7100. Reason? I have the DX lens and the cost of up grading to FX is way out of my budget. I can use the D7000 as a second body. Yes I would like to up grade to FX but not right now.