Nikon D760 Rumored for 2019

Nikon D760 Rumored for 2019

The Nikon D750 has been a top hit for Nikon, as its versatility and low-light performance have made it the camera of choice for many photographers needing a great all-around body. However, it's getting a bit long in the tooth, but thankfully, its replacement may be on its way soon.

The Nikon D750 has been a very popular choice for many photographers due to its versatile capabilities and continues to be a great camera to this day. Nevertheless, it was announced in September 2014, and as such, it's probably ready for a replacement. Despite Nikon's recent entry into the mirrorless market, it appears they're wisely not abandoning their bread and butter DSLRs, as Nikon Rumors is reporting that the D760 will likely be announced in the first half of 2019, with shipping to following in the second half, while the D610 will be discontinued. Relevant rumored specs include 4K video and autofocus points and performance improvements, as well as low-light improvements (not that the D750 was any slouch in that area). It should make for a good upgrade for the many photographers who find the model to be the best balance of many capabilities and needs. Head over to Nikon Rumors for the full list of rumored specs.

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Looking forward to it! :) Just got my D750 but I'm not in love with it...

That’s interesting Taras, it’s a great camera the D750. Why don’t you like it?

i love my D750 and i will buy a D850. i am considering upgrading my D750 for Z6 because of the video

Matt Williams's picture

Nice. Wouldn't be surprised if it gets a BSI sensor.

I'll happily snatch up a used D750 after the prices drop. I've been very close to picking one up recently.

I'm not happy with it's sensor at all - the pictures look kinda flat and the colours are off. I made a little research and looks like D610 has a better sensor. I hope for a better sensor on the D760 and perhaps 1/4000s shutter speed.

Deleted Account's picture

It already has a 1/4000 second shutter speed. Did you mean 1/8000?

Did you try to tweak the colors in a software? Or choose different picture profile?

YoGi G's picture

What? I have both D750 and D610, and D750 sensor is miles better over D610. I use D610 as secondary camera on the event shoots, but I end up shooting over 70% shots with D750.

Daniel Medley's picture

Interesting. I've been quite happy with my D750. Its sensor is far better than the 610. You may want to dive a little deeper into the manual. The D750 has been an amazing workhorse of a camera. It will go down as an iconic Nikon in my opinion.

The 1/4000 max shutter speed is a bit limiting, though.

Spy Black's picture

The D6xx and the D750 have the same sensor.The D750 has an Expeed 4 processor and firmware, while the D6xx have Expeed 3.

Daniel Medley's picture

Good point. And the Expeed 4 produces better results.

And I agree that Nikon colors aren't that great. Better to start off with something more neutral like Huelight.

Also, the D750 has the better sensor. It's a revised version of the D600/D610's, with better image quality performance. The D750 will have the same sensor as the Z 6, or a variation of it (Nikon likes to change MP for differentiation), as it's Sony's newest 24MP sensor for third party use. Whether the OSPDAF pixels will remain is the question.

Matt Williams's picture

I've used the camera on one shoot, and I very much liked the files. I used to own a D600 and 610, and while they are nice for their price, the D750 sensor has nicer tonality and better low-light performance. "Flat" images are precisely what I want - I don't want RAW files with poppy colors and tons of contrast. Makes it very difficult to achieve consistency and neutrality across multiple bodies/systems.

The 610 is also capped at 1/4000th, so you don't gain anything there.

Ryan Cooper's picture

I really want to love my D750, but I am forever infuriated by its poor autofocus coverage. If a D760 fixes that I would be all over that camera.

Derek Johnson's picture

Couldn't agree more. I had the D750 for 2 years and it served me well. Just got the D850 a couple week ago and can't speak highly enough of it!

David Pavlich's picture

I'm a Canon shooter and rate the D850 as the best FF camera on the market. I know videocentric shooters would argue with me, but I can count the times I've used my cameras for video on one hand. Were I starting over and knowing what I know now, I'd be shooting a D850.

Ryan Cooper's picture

Yeah, the D8XX line is great, I like the smaller, lighter form factor of the D750 but I find that, as a portrait photographer, I am more often than not composing in a way that the eye is in a part of the frame the D750 can't autofocus on. That problem isn't the case on even the venerable D800 and is far better still on the modern D850. (I also don't need the big resolution files, 24mp is plenty)

Aaron B.'s picture

I recently bought my first full frame (D800) and I absolutely love it. Although the D850 is the pinnacle (I test shoot it every time im in B&H)

Derek Johnson's picture

Don't disagree with the file sizes, however, it's all relative to your market and industry. I'm diving more into commercial work so the resolution is great to have. I also prefer the beefier body, feels better in my hand than the D750.. also the shutter sounds more desirable on the D850. Love the 153 AF points and the joystick to toggle my points rather than the 4 way directional pad

Daniel Medley's picture

This is a great point. Although I've found the limited number of focus points problematic, I've generally been able to work around them.

At the end of the day, though, I was really hoping that the Z6 was going to fit the bill for me as I am wanting silent shutter capabilities and EVF.

But it fell short in my opinion, so there's that.

One thing that I'm wondering about is if the D760 will come with a single card slot. If Nikon goes that route, it will be even stupider than doing so in their new Z line up. The reason I say that is because of the popularity of the D750 with wedding photographers. I imagine there are a quite a number of them chomping at the bit for an upgrade. No wedding photographer in their right mind would rock a gig with a single card. And the only reason I bring it up is because of what Nikon did with the D7500.

Deleted Account's picture

I love my D750. I take it backpacking all the time, and I've beaten the hell out of it. It's been in heavy rain events, dropped multiple times (even from chest height on asphalt), and just keeps on taking great photos despite the abuse. I'd love to have a second one so if this news is true I'll have to see if I want a second D750 or the newer D760. I hope they focus on keeping the weight down. I know I could go mirrorless and I actually owned a mirrorless before but I enjoy optical viewfinder more. This D750 was actually my first DSLR after shooting with mirrorless cameras.

Nick Viton's picture

Why are they only putting a single card slot in the D760? What a big mistake!

Daniel Mendiola's picture

Probably to prevent pros from buying it over the more expensive d800 series

Matt Williams's picture

Where did you read that? I don't see that here or on Nikon Rumors. Maybe I'm missing something...

Daniel Medley's picture

Yes, I've seen nothing of a single card slot in the D760.

i think the limitation of d750 is shutter speed (1/4000)?! and Autofocus points situation in border and need to focus and recompose if your subject to be in corner of frame.

Spy Black's picture

If they stick disparate storage in the new camera I'll be really pissed. It's been a bad habit of Nikon of late.

Edgar Moskopp's picture

let's hope for a more pleasant shutter sound...

D760 already rumored to be backordered until 2021.

Lee Stirling's picture

Amid all the excitement that a D760 will generate, one important thing to keep in mind is that Nikon will, almost definitely, configure this camera in such a way as to avoid cannibalizing sales of the D850. As the D600, D610, and current D750 all had 2 SD card slots I'd be surprised if the camera brought in to replace them all only has 1 memory card slot. The D760 is still going to be the entry level FF Nikon camera so, while it will have improvements over its 4-5 year-old predecessor, I wouldn't expect the world. I'm guessing the new price point will be somewhere around $2200. For two-thirds the price of a D850, I would expect no more than two-thirds the capability, otherwise Nikon risk poaching customers away from the D850.

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