Nikon DF Camera Images Have Been Leaked

Nikon DF Camera Images Have Been Leaked

The rumored Nikon DF camera with its retro outside and full frame 35mm guts is finally starting to leak. Nikon Rumors posted a few images just minutes ago and then their website went down (possibly due to traffic?). We will be updating this post with camera info as it is received but at this point we only have pictures. The full release of this camera is due tonight or tomorrow. I'm still not completely sold on this camera but I've spoken to someone who has used it and he assured it me it wasn't just "trendy." I'm excited to bring it to our workshop next year because I feel like it may be the ultimate travel camera.  






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Bert McLendon's picture

This thing looks awesome!!

Kai Yoton's picture

Oh my! What lovely cameras!

Jon Sharman's picture

That silver one is sexy as shitttttt.

Itsnotgood's picture

It looks great but whats inside it that counts. If its a D700 in that I'm in!

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

or D800 :)

Lee Morris's picture

I thought I read somewhere it had D4 guts but I'm not sure if that's true.

David B's picture

they don't want to make a mistake of D700 (stopping sales of D3) so this has 1/4000 and 5.5fps only, and no little flash, and Af system from D600

Itsnotgood's picture

That would be amazing.

Spy Black's picture

D4 sensor, mostly D600/610 guts otherwise.

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

Hipster gonna hate! ;)

Mike Nelson's picture

I really hope this has a good price point...because I'm totally sold right now

Jan Keifer Jaim's picture

hate to break it to you bud but it's priced at $2750

Timothy Courtemanche's picture

If this is real, it's really cool. I have said a few times that Pentax should take the old K1000 and make it a D1000; all manual, but digital.

P Larson's picture

Just when I was contemplating moving to Sony. Please let this be awesome.

Irish Murph's picture

I know, so was I. Well, Fuji actually, x100s.
This timing couldn't be better. Even if it's < side of awesome, I'm buying it, to hell with the price point too.

Dom Bower's picture

front and top look cool, rear looks cheap crap taken of any current dslr in the nikon line up. and does it really need two info buttons? one saying info the other with a "i"

Jacob delaRosa's picture

That is rather puzzling. Maybe it's meant for something else?

Spy Black's picture

Chances are the buttons are programmable, so you can make them whatever you want.

Jagmeet Singh Khalsa's picture

Wow, looks amazing. Hope it has full HD video recording and I think I'd be cheeky by asking for a dual sensor like the auto focus on Canon's 70D?

Nathan Hamler's picture


Irish Murph's picture


Serge Arroyo's picture

From the looks of it, they will be taking aloooot of money (maybe mine included)

aloryandaneaglet's picture

if i had a few grand to spare i'd get one.... as long as the guts are good. it sure looks great!

Bruno Silva's picture

If I had ovaries, I'd be ovulating right now.

BORIS MILAN's picture

I am sold, IF, Nikon is smart on the price point

Bogdane!'s picture

It looks amazing!

sejtam's picture

No front (index-finger) wheel? That would be a bummer

Josh Hway's picture

No front wheel because you select your shutter speed on top the camera with the wheel just like old school cameras. I assume the thumb wheel is for f/stop.

sejtam's picture

which makes it a bit less user-friendly when used to the current interface. If the front ring (vertical wheel) is infact the same as the old index wheel, that might work, but still be somewhat less easy

Max Barros's picture

i guess you use the silver ring which my guess is that it is the aperture wheel

Spy Black's picture

It's on the front next to it's name. However, that's not how you're supposed to use this camera.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

Wow! I'm a Canon guy, but this is extremely appealing!!! Reminds me of my early teen self with photography/camera magazines being psuedo-pornographic in nature at the the dials and sharp corned edges on the prism enclosure.....WOW!......

David B's picture

is there a grip with extra grip? How are you supposed to handhold 70-200 F/2.8 II on this thing without a grip? Or is it just for small primes?

Omar Tan's picture

I'm curious as well if it'll come with battery grip, guess we'll have to wait for the official announcement

PaulM's picture

I do not need extra grip on my F2's

Spy Black's picture

You use one hand to shoot with telephotos?

Jon Sharman's picture

Also - are the releasing a new 50mm for this? Never seen that one before.

Bruno Silva's picture

Some say it's just the 1.8g restyled

Spy Black's picture

It's lame. Standard G lens with a silver ring and Ai focusing rubber ring. Pass.

oscar campos's picture

i hope it's an f-mount

Leo Lachenal's picture

No a Canon EF mount... -_- what a question XD

sandybuller's picture

If it doesn't have HD Video, OK, but if it did that's OK, too. But why put a HDMI connection on it, if it isn't going to have video?

Jagmeet Singh Khalsa's picture

To view photos on HD TV's? But I pray it has HD video as I'm a cinematographer too and a lighter full frame body would be awesome. But also want better auto focusing!

Chase Anthony's picture

It doesn't have video

Jagmeet Singh Khalsa's picture

is that definite? :(

Omar Tan's picture

You might want to look at the A7 or A7r then

Josh Hway's picture

I will definitely buy in when this camera has it's first round of rebates. I am in love right now.

Bill Klaus's picture


Marshall Bishop's picture

That silver one IS damn sexy.

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