Nikon Puts 100 Years of Expertise on the Line in Their Latest Mirrorless Camera Teaser

We're inching closer and closer to the announcement of the Nikon mirrorless camera, and thank goodness, because the anticipation is starting to reach a fever pitch. The latest teaser from Nikon provides some official images of parts of the camera. 

Nikon isn't messing around. In their latest teaser, they take us on a quick historic tour while flashing quick glimpses of their upcoming professional mirrorless camera. So confident is the company, however, that the video features the following voiceover (translated to English): "All the expertise Nikon has acquired over the past 100 years has been poured into this camera." It's clear the company is aiming to make a splash with a model that truly competes with the best from Sony, which means it's never been a better time to be a camera consumer. From the glimpses we can see of the body, it appears that the leaked images we saw just a few days ago are indeed the real camera. As we get closer and closer to the announcement, it'll be very exciting to see how the photography landscape changes as these mirrorless bodies hit the market. 

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Heh, didn't know mirrorless digital ILCs had been around for 100 years...

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Words are cheap. A brilliant product is better

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I think all those sony fanboys will vry hard over a couple of weeks :-)

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Can you imagine if after all this teasing, the camera doesn’t blow the Sony A7III away?

It will be a major fail for Nikon...

If they are doing all this hype, I believe the camera will, in worst case scenario, be just like the A7III...

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How is that the worst case? Just like the A7 III with better ergonomics and easier adaption of Nikon lenses sounds pretty good. Worst case would be that it absolutely sucks.

Every marketing department advertises their new product as if it's the next greatest thing since sliced bread even though the changes are minimal (Apple, Samsung, Sony, Car Companies, ect.).

If anything this one might be a bit over-hyped by the community.

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Yeah. Just like the D850 was over-hyped and the D800 was over-hyped and the D500 was over-hyped and the D700...

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I figured they'd be targeting the a7Riii instead on this one - the D850 compares pretty favourably, so I would think it'd be doable.

In a way, I can see the Nikon Mirrorless perform similar to the A7iii but missing about half of Sony's features. IMO, the mirrorless strength isn't in the body size or sensor, but the software behind it like face detect AF, 1/30,000 shutter speed, and the contrast / phase detect 425pt focus system.

Without Sony, Canon and Nikon would still be sitting on their asses. Competition is good for us all. I hope Canon also comes with a really good option. Although Canon being Canon, they will probably handicap their new camera, out of principle.

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In two years i think the name sony will not be mentioned on fstoppers anymore :-)

If you really think that, you're not very smart.

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i wish people would stop fanboying about brands and take more photos... isn't that whats important?

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You gotta do something when you can't be out shooting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Good point lol

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The title of this post sounds very much like an advertisement for Nikon itself. What I’m curious about is whether Nikon’s got some powerful new 4K video capabilities. I switched systems from Canon to Sony partially because of 4K being introduced. The market seems to be heating up. I *never* would have thought I would move away from Canon. But I did. And I’m wondering if Nikon is about to compete.

I miss Canon. But not as much as I thought I would. The a7iii had what I had been waiting for from Canon for years and did not get: innovation. 4K. Log. 10fps. It was an insta-buy. If Nikon rolls out a new basic camera body that doesn’t raise the bar, well. It doesn’t affect me at all. And I guess maybe it won’t affect their users too much if there’s not a great video feature...most Nikon users I have met are stills shooters. But if all this hype adds up to nothing, it would be a strange move.

Sony worked for me because the camera and their (admittedly over-priced) lens system performed in specific ways that I needed them to. Auto eye-focus is super helpful to me for various reasons, and has genuinely saved me hours in portrait sessions with difficult subjects who can’t sit still. I’m curious: do you Nikon users care about video? Or do you just want new stills features?

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A Nikon user for sure. My sister started with Nikon 40 yrs ago. Allwasy the best for her. But looking back on Nikon, like 10 yrs, their profit and loss of sales in the “instant camera” and other digital DSLR gives me great pause. I just saw Nikon sales figures and they have a nice net profit of the company as a whole. But the DSLR are and will be under a lot of notable pressure today and forward. I hope this new mirrorless gear in more notable than Nikon’s name or brand. As I studied Harley Davidson, IBM, Gateway computer, etc. Harley came back from the dead, so did IBM, while others died in the digital grave. Nikon in my view can go the way of these companies I mentioned. I sure hope not, really love Nikon gear. But someone moved the cheese in software, algorithms and computer science. Nikon does not like the cheese to move self evident in the past 10 years. Sony is the new “kid” on the block so to speak and gaining market share. Nikon has this snapbridge, a horrible product, and their software, it sucks when looking at other software to do the same functions. A good name is most remarkable. If Nikon new mirrorless is overpriced and only has a few more “whistles and bells” than the competition, may be a defining moment for Nikon. I watch as a company I worked with for 18 years with a 60% market share dwindle to 25% when digital publishing start to replace the writtten word on paper. I just have a bad feeling with the new camera. I hope their name, NIKON does not get thrown into the “gilded Lilly category.

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Seems like we're going to find out whether all that patience and restraint pays off, or if people are going to kick themselves for not jumping ship sooner.

I think what they are saying is they know how people hold cameras. Not that they are putting things on the line.

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I really think that Nikon is going all-in and will come out of the gate with a medium-format mirror-less that will auto-crop for adapted FX and DX lenses.

They need to not just meet Sony, Fuji, and Canon, but catapult past them. Just imagine a mirror-less MF version of the D850 with the added best-of Sony/Fuji features.

MX anyone?

The Nikon DF...... what it was supposed to been.

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Wow, that's quite a statement! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! The big question is how well the Z to F mount adaptor will work with existing Nikon lenses.