Here Are the First Decent Pictures of the Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Here Are the First Decent Pictures of the Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Up until now, we've only had dimly lit teasers and fuzzy leaks, but now, we have the first decent photos of the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera.

Dilraba Dilmurat is a Chinese actress who has appeared in multiple commercials for Nikon cameras in the past, and it appears she's also doing some advertising work for the new mirrorless camera. These behind the scene pictures leaked from a fan account (and seem to have originated on Weibo, a Chinese social media site), and they offer us the first view of the actual Nikon mirrorless camera.

Here's what I can garner from the images:

  • The camera may have an E-Ink top display. It's tough to tell, but it appears to look that way in the images.
  • That EVF is huge. Expect a very healthy viewfinder magnification. A large, high-resolution viewfinder with a good refresh rate could be one of the marquee features of the camera. 
  • There appears to a locking mode dial and an adjustment dial in line with the top plane of the camera as opposed to on top of it. 
  • The grip looks to be quite deep. This could be to mimic the ergonomics of a DSLR.

What do you notice in the pictures?

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Simon Patterson's picture

An e-ink top display? Quick, someone contact Tony Northrup, who's been railing for years against "80's style LCDs" on the top of cameras! :D

Thorsten Westheider's picture

Tony's too busy praising the a7riii.

Thorsten Westheider's picture

Is that an F mount lens?

Hugh Dom's picture

Will need to use adapter for F mount.

David Lee's picture

It's impossible to make out anything from those tiny pics. Where is this e-ink display speculation coming from?

Marc Perino's picture

Someone call "CSI Nikon" with their upres algorithm...😂

thomas Palmer's picture

Loors more like Oled to me

Marius Pettersen's picture

Sure. Probably OLED. New type of screen nonetheless.

joel germain's picture

this is actually the same has the top screen of the fuji xh1

chrisrdi's picture


Brent Rivers's picture

I sure hope they do not disappoint with this release. And hopefully no recalls in the first 90 days they'll need to bring the heat to get back in the race. No limited production runs for fear of too many failures in the wild.

Steve D's picture

It looks huge. Nikon is a day late and a dollar short. If a user has to convert to a new lens mount anyway, might as well shift to the mirrorless leader, Sony.

James Korn's picture

I'm wiling to be the model holding it has pretty small hands.

Jacob Jexmark's picture

Everything looks big in small hands....

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Unlikely E-Ink but more likely OLED.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Other things that you may consider in the photo is that the unusually large grip may also mean a large battery to address the short battery life of many mirrorless. Definitely no built-in flash for this particular model (not that tis a game-changer for its intended market. And man, that's a big diameter mount! MFT much?

Farzin Farhang's picture


Aiham Dib's picture

it is strange tendency in the modern technology : small body, no flash. so we need extra piece a flash. small body means small battery. we need extra battery. like in the mobile technology u got the slimmest cellphone .then u need to put it in a tank-alike-shield and carry a power-bank with it. for god sake this minus 3 millimeters turns to cost us a lot.

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

I completely agree with you , but this camera doesn't look small compared to other DSLM.
Who really uses the build in flash? I used mine 3 times and it was a major let down every single one of them.

Aiham Dib's picture

May be from engineering point of view , the lenses will be big or long. Which means shadowy flashes . Which makes them a minus rather than plus to have

But in more compact cases flash could be a safe in emergencies

Aiham Dib's picture

I feel very negative for this lens .it looks anything but what we learnt about good lens .very plastic, no internal zoom or focus,
looks Nikon still have DSLR in stock and need to sell .that is why not welling to compete with own self.
in what generation we will have self illuminated knobs and switches for dark places ? and what exactly those teasers do to the photographers who seriously over-exposed to Sony and Fuji and Panasonic, but waiting for Nikon ? I mean this kind of teasers might be good if they were back in the 2008 . but not after all what have been written and published about the topic.

Declan Flynn's picture

Might be wrong, but does the viewfinder/hotshoe look detachable?

Jose Soriano's picture

I think this camera is going to be a hit. I have never seen Nikon making so much noise before a product launch, many times it has been a surprise. If they are kind of bragging about it, it must be very good. I know there will be people hating no matter what but this is good for all the mirrorless ecosystems, competition is good for us and like it or not Nikon has been leader for many years in this field.