Nikon Trademarks ‘Noct’ Ahead of Release of New Cameras and Lenses

Within the last two weeks, Nikon was seen filing a new trademark for the name of “Noct,” fueling rumors that it could relate full-frame mirrorless camera.

As reported by Nikon Rumours, the application was submitted to the European Union on Friday 18th May in order to copyright the word “Noct”.

As listed in the application, a successful claim would allow the company to use the trademark for:

Cameras; digital cameras; cameras with interchangeable lenses; digital cameras with interchangeable lenses; lenses for cameras; lenses for digital cameras; interchangeable lenses for cameras; mount adapters for lenses; camera mounts; lens mounts; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Although not the first time the company has used the term (see the Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 lens), it’s the first time they’ve tried to gain legal protection for usage. The word itself if a variation of the Latin word "nox," which means night (hence: nocturnal). Leica have also previously released a lens series entitled "Noctilux."

Could this indicate that Nikon is looking to market its new release(s) around its low light capabilities? Having already patented 52mm f/0.9 and 36mm f/1.2 full frame mirrorless lenses in late 2017, it may be one of the big selling points. The upcoming camera system is set to release by spring 2019.

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Even though I'm not a Nikon shooter, I love seeing new things being made and competing in the market. Let's see what you got Nikon!

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«…full frame mirrorless lenses….»

Aren't most lenses mirrorless? ;-) :-) :-D

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Wonder if that might conflict with "Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4 Nokton" branding? It makes sense to do this particularly if their targeting low light application/wide aperature. Weren't there old lenses using the "noct" labeling?