Nikon Unveils New Video Preview of Eye-Detection AF Coming to the Z6 and Z7

After initially announcing the update earlier in the year, Nikon Europe have unveiled a new video giving a glimpse into how its eye-detection autofocus will work.

Clocking in at a brief 15 seconds, the clip is the first preview we’ve had into the Eye-Detection AF functionality that’s soon to be released for the Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. The video features two female subjects, demonstrating how the new Eye-Detection AF jumps from one to the other. In a separate scene, the subject is seen appearing from behind a door, staying in focus for the duration. In a third, the subject waves at the camera, her hand interjecting the camera’s view of her eye. For the duration, the focus holds steady.

It’s the second visual released by the camera company. The first, also pretty swift at only 14 seconds long, was unveiled back in January. Check it out below.

Nikon has also announced May 16th as the day the new update will be available.

And the new AF is not the only update; Nikon promises to include RAW video support (outputting RAW video to the ATOMOS Ninja V monitor recorder using the ProRes RAW codec), as well as support for next-gen CFexpress memory cards. However, at the moment there’s no word as to whether these additional features will be available in the same May release.

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Steve Meredith's picture

Wish there was a firmware update to this on my D810... sigh.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Trust me you're not missing a lot. I mean, it's good to have but not critical for many.


When is animal eye af? Nikon gotta play that catch up game.

Spy Black's picture

Yes, Sony users make the best YouTube cat videos...

Nikon users don’t need it. They have actual human friends as opposed to Sony users who only have 4 legged companionship. In fact so many Sony fanboys are actual knuckle draggers that the previous firmware didn’t recognize them as human. Hence this stop gap measure of animal AF. I don’t think it will work though. You will have to wait for Sony to introduce Troll AF. Then....finally you’ll be able to take in focus selfies at 1.4. That way you can blur out all the garbage strewn about your cave.

Daniel Sandvik's picture

What I don't understand is why this wasn't with it on launch? It's like all products are being shipped incomplete it feels like.

Welcome to mirrorless, that's how it's gonna be. Release what's ready at the launch and then improve through iterations to make it perfect. They might charge soon for the updates that bring features.

I am certain Nikon will not go down that route, they have learn't a lot from the likes of Fuji who are always improving the software in their cameras and providing users with regular updates. They have built up a large base of users who love the camera experience and the every improving platform with these SW updates, this is how ou maintain and attract brand loyalty . If Nikon start to charge for updates then that would be suicide.
Nikon with this release now have very competitive products in the Z6 and Z7 and I am certainly looking forward to that pro sport mirrorless camera, it's coming.... Well I hope so :-)

They learned that from the tech industry (Google).

Now that's a length for a video I can get behind.