Nikon's Retro Zfc Mirrorless Camera Likely Coming Tomorrow

Nikon's Retro Zfc Mirrorless Camera Likely Coming Tomorrow

There have been persistent rumors that Nikon is readying a heavily retro-inspired mirrorless camera called the Zfc for release, and more information has emerged, including a likely announcement date of June 28. Other information includes an expected price and likely specifications. 

Nikon Rumors is reporting that the Zfc mirrorless camera will likely be announced tomorrow, June 28. 

The Zfc looks heavily inspired by the FM film cameras of yore. Fuji's X Series has been highly lauded for its design that encourages a return to pure photography, and like the Df DSLR of several years ago, the Zfc looks to capitalize on the retro revival of recent years. Rumor has it the Zfc will be a DX body and will have specs very similar to the Z 50, with a price of $999 (including the kit lens), coming in three color choices: silver, black, and brown. Two new DX lenses are also expected, a 28mm f/2.8 and a 35mm f/1.8, though these are likely to follow the modern Z lens design aesthetics. We will see what tomorrow brings! 

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Olivier LAMBERT's picture

I started with a FE and my heart is beating a bit when I see this old fashion camera - my god am I so old ?
But Nikon is again and again a way behind some brands like Fuji , sigma and even Canon: old fashion camera does need lenses with an aperture ring , a clickable aperture ring and not a pseudo customised control ring that is too sensitive to be honest and so totally useless.
I suggest to wait for Sigma to go finally to the z mount and feel what was the old fashion style and feel… or buy a Fuji

Matt Williams's picture

Wait, Sigma to go to the Z mount? I'm guessing you mean Sigma making lenses for Z mount? Do you mean this in reference to the few recent lenses they released with an aperture ring? 45/2.8, 65/2, and 35/2 I think?

I haven't actually tried though lenses yet since I don't have a Sony or L mount camera, but are the aperture rings on them nice? I find Fuji's way too loose and the detents are not as solid and clicky as I'd like - not at all like vintage film lenses. It's hard for me to really feel each click on Fuji lenses, so I still have to look at the lens or screen to see what I'm set at. With my film camera I know, for example, if I'm at 2.8 and I turn two solid clicks I'm at f/4 without having to look at anything. None of the Fuji lenses I've used are anywhere near as good.

Panasonic has nice click stops on their LX100 compact cameras.

Matt Williams's picture

Shooting film cameras, like I mentioned in my comment, I regularly change the aperture without looking at it. I know where I am, I know that each click-stop is a half stop (most of the time), so I can keep track in my mind for quick on-the-fly adjustments. That's pretty common among photographers who shoot film.

Now, to be fair, with a Fuji you're either looking at the screen or EVF so the number is kind of always there. But sometimes I'll change it while preparing for a shot without looking at the camera or whatever.

Also, and this is really more important, the feel of their click stops just aren't great if you're used to shooting film and they're also easy to accidentally change. The lock in A position is especially prone to get knocked in or out of position.

Given that Fujis whole thing is about the facility of mechanical dials and knobs and whatnot, I think the tactility of the aperture ring is a legitimate thing to critique. And they are mimicking the experience of shooting film cameras, too. So, it's not an unreasonable thing to say you find it lacking.

I've heard SIgma's new contemporary lenses are better as far as the aperture ring.

Matt Williams's picture

Well, I'm not saying I literally NEVER look at it. Sure I do. I just mean if I'm in the middle of taking photos in a situation and I'm adjusting the aperture for exposure as I do, I can remember easily where I am. It's much much harder with lenses that use 1/3 click stops, but most vintage lenses are half stops.

But if I've been walking for 20 minutes since my last shot, no in that case I certainly need to look at where I am with my settings.

The whole "being able to change aperture without looking at it" is honestly not the biggest reason I don't love Fuji's implementation. Maybe I put too much emphasis on that. It's really just the haptic feedback, the feel of it, and the fact that stiffer detents means you won't accidentally change settings as easily.

If you've never shot film, then it really wouldn't be a big deal. It's just the comparison between their lenses and the many vintage lenses I use or have used and how those feel that causes me to be a bit letdown by Fuji's.

I love Fuji, though, don't get me wrong.

It looks like the new Nikon Z Fc will have two new lenses with aperture rings. So I'm excited to see how those feel (I shoot Nikon - and Olympus).

Olivier LAMBERT's picture

Totally agree : clickable fuji aperture rings are not as clickable as I e the Nikon g série but it’s really impossible,to;work with the control ring of the Z lenses, no click and it takes only a tiny movement to go from f/1.8 to f/16 which is really annoying.
And yes Sigma will produce lenses for Nikon Z and some of them will have an aperture ring you can trust in with or without an eye on it ;-)