ONA Releases New Bags That Have Serious Visual Appeal

ONA Releases New Bags That Have Serious Visual Appeal

Today ONA released two new bags that, as far as I am concerned, just look freaking sexy: the Brixton and the Palma. Both bags are over-the-shoulder design and seem to be trying to appeal to our desire to not only shoot, but shoot in style. I can't speak to the comfort, usability or lifespan of the product (as I haven't gotten my hands on one of the bags yet), but I can say that they certainly are pleasant to look at. Did I mention they're pretty?

The Brixton (shown first) retails for $419 and the Palma (shown second) sells for $319. Not the cheapest bags on the market, but style always costs a bit more. These are just two more bags in a line of products that ONA offers. You can check out the details of the products at their website.

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There are plenty of times when you don't want to look like a photographer - and this kind of classy bag over the overstuffed, loops and clips spangled, logo blazing nylon bags would be a good place to start.

I own the Union Street from last year and I love it. The only bad part about these bags is the shoulder strap. There's no give, cushion, padding, anything on these. Price you pay for fashion I guess...

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Dayeeeeeeeeem $420. Thanks, but I'll stick with my cheap Swiss messenger bag. http://www.amazon.com/Swiss-Gear-Computer-Notebook-Briefcase/dp/B00453XIQQ/

Enjoy looking like an over grown child.

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Looks like a murse to me.

Or just a regular bag.

agreed. especially the second one

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It's for women, but's I understand if it's more your style.

I bought the Union Street online and i love look and the build quality outside, but the inner dividers are not built to last long.  They are held together with weak velcro and the Laptop sleeve seems to come unstuck often.

I had hoped this would be the perfect daily bag for my 15inch laptop and my DSLR with 50mm lens, but it really is just too small and the dividers are too weak for everyday.  

Still, I do love the bag and I'm now using it just as a laptop bag.  If they get the interior right on the next generation I might consider buying another one.

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I've wanted a Union Street for so long, hopefully they've fixed the issues noted by sirbarton.

Nismode and Shi Zheng, the second one is built for women, so it's a camera purse. It's yours if you want it, but it's not really my style, haha.

Did anyone else notice she has a booger in her nose at the 12-13 second mark?  Totally took my attention away from her bag...

Anybody know where these are made?

Dominican Republic it seems.So although High-end prices, do use cheaper labour.

Thanks.  Just bought some Domke bags and, for me, origin was a big factor, along with function and fashion.