Peak Design Updates Its Award-Winning Camera Cubes

Peak Design Updates Its Award-Winning Camera Cubes

Launched five years ago, Peak Design’s Camera Cubes introduced a superb system of organizing and protecting cameras, lenses, and accessories. They have now updated the Camera Cubes with additional protection and new sizes.

Initially released in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – Peak Design's Camera Cubes were designed to integrate within their line of Travel Bags and also act as standalone cases. There was demand for more sizes, and so Peak Design has expanded the range. The new sizes are “X-Small” and “Smedium”.

It’s easy to pay lip service when it comes to customer requests but Peak Design views its community of users as an integral part of the design journey., When feedback reaches a tipping point it becomes a no-brainer to give the customer what they want while adding features and benefits we know they’ll enjoy.

- Peak Design founder and CEO, Peter Dering

Peak Design’s new Camera Cubes include upgraded features like enhanced weatherproof zippers, an expanded main opening, and a 360-degree exterior handle. Other upgraded features include a new tuck-away flap on the fold-away lid that removes foam and thus eliminates bulk, making the Camera Cubes more flexible.

Designed to mount securely in any Peak Design Travel Bag, the Camera Cubes are designed to offer organization and protection, and its range is intended for any type of photographer, from those carrying a small mirrorless kit or a full professional setup.

The new release includes a range of different protective, low-profile “FlexFold” dividers that allow for customization.

The updated medium and large cubes feature dual side zips, providing additional access points. The cubes also feature movable pockets for filters, lens caps, and other small items. Made from a weatherproof recycled 400D nylon canvas shell and burly #8 coated ultra zippers, Peak Design says will keep gear safe and sound in all conditions.

Previously, Camera Cubes won three separate Best in Show awards at Outdoor Retailer in 2018. These upgrades were made by the Peak Design team to make a great product even better after paying attention to user feedback.

Peak Design is a San Francisco-based. employee-owned company that is certified Climate Neutral, a member of 1% for the Planet, and is a B Certified Corporation. It has raised $34.4 Million through 10 Kickstarter campaigns, to become the world’s most successfully crowdfunded company. They say that this allows Peak Design to stay investor-free and focused on the things that matter most: designing great products, fostering happy employees, and taking care of our customers and the natural environment.

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Please would you expand on that comment with an explanation? Why do you think these cubes miss the mark for you? What is it that you don't like?

I've been using them and found they work really well. Nor do I find Peak Design prices to be over the top for professional quality gear but on par with other top-of-the-range brands. Judging by the number of professional photographers' cameras that I see with the PD anchor links attached, I suspect I am not the only person impressed by their gear.

Nice. I have their small cube for my fuji x-t2 that i use in my regular non photo orietned back packs when my PD Everyday backpack is packed with other gear or if i just want to use my hiking bag instead. I've been a big fan of their products mostly because They are built really well but also because they are so versatile. I can take any of their bags I have and adapt them to any of my needs. I love how they aren't JUST a camera bag and they don't look like one either. I also really like that they hold their shape and don't crumple under the weight of the gear. I payed $250 for tenba DNA 15 messenger bag some time ago and now that thing is relegated to being an over priced cable bag simply because it crumples under the weight of gear. I also own the PD Everyday Messenger and the PD Every day sling 10L. I love them. I try looking at other bags in case i might need to replace them there is only one other company that makes bags almost to same quality and specifications as PD. They may be expensive but they are worth the cost. The only thing I don't like about the Everyday back pack is the straps. They are comfortable, but if you don't use the sternum strap they will continuously try to slip off your shoulders. It's suuuper annoying. other than that one thing i love them.