Pentax Updates Teaser of Its Upcoming Full-Frame DSLR

Pentax Updates Teaser of Its Upcoming Full-Frame DSLR

Those eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of Pentax's new full-frame DSLR will be pleased to know that the company recently updated the teaser page for the camera, introducing an intriguing feature that will make current users of their DSLRs very happy. 

Using crop lenses on a full-frame DSLR is hit or miss, depending on the manufacturer. Nikon allows the use of DX lenses on their FX cameras, but the camera automatically selects a crop mode, essentially making itself a DX camera while that lens is attached. On the other hand, Canon recommends against using EF-S lenses on EF cameras, as the back of lens protrudes farther into the camera and may actually strike and damage the mirror.

Pentax has opted to take a third route. Drawing upon their already rich K-mount lens library, the new camera will allow APS-C DA and DA L-series lenses to be used, as well as full-frame D FA and FA-series lenses. It will have three options to handle these situations: AUTO, FF, and APS-C. In AUTO, the camera automatically selects whether to crop the image or not, depending on the lens mounted. In FF, the camera records an image using the entire 36mm by 24mm sensor, no matter what lens is attached, with the caveat that "an image outside the APS-C-format picture frame may not be reproduced in sufficient quality with certain lenses and/or in certain situations." Finally, in APS-C, the camera records a cropped image, even if a full-frame lens is attached, with the caveat that "the number of recorded pixels is lower, as the pixels in the cropped areas are eliminated." A cropping frame will also be shown in the viewfinder.

The inclusion of this mode is exciting, as it allows early adopters of the camera to immediately take advantage of Pentax's full K-mount lens library. It's also indicative of the fact that the camera will likely have at least a modest resolution by full-frame standards to allow the crop mode to still produce workable images. Wildlife and sports photographers will surely appreciate this capability, as will anyone else who might be able to use the extra reach. Although Pentax has not yet given a formal release date, the teaser page indicates "Spring 2016." 

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3 control wheels, reliable and affordable WR, in body SR, astrotracer, and a tilty screen. I'm very much looking forward to this camera.

I'm craving a teaser for the Pentax 645Z with the 100 mp sensor.

Kornel Kabaja's picture

I don't really think there will be a Pentax 645 with the 100MP sensor. The Pentax 645 digital line has always had a 44x33mm sensor, this is a 54x40mm sensor. I'd love Pentax to fit it into their camera, but I think at the same time it would stop being the most affordable digital medium format out there just since it would have the "flagship" sensor in it.

I'm craving a teaser for the Pentax 67Z, with a full-frame sensor. ;)

José J. Soto's picture

Just imagine a MF digital 6x7 with the same mount as the old ones. I would sell a kidney for one.

Actually, Nikon allows you to choose whether you want to crop DX lenses or not. Many just leave it off and crop in post as many crop lenses work okay when stopped down or further out to telephoto range.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Yah.. Was wondering why suddenly the 3 opt modes of the upcoming pentax is a big deal? Nikon has already has this features for a long time.

This option was on Nikon's too. I don't see what's so worthy about this auto FF dx mode...?

Ryan Venedam's picture

They're not trying to entice anyone from another system with this ad, they're letting the people that already shoot pentax know that their crop lenses won't be useless if they move to FF.

Well... it's pretty basic don't you think?

It's like saying "Don't worry! your SD cards will work on FF bodies TOO!".

there is not point to make such noise about it...

It would be pretty basic if it was true across brands, but it's not for Canon, so I suppose worth noting. However, more relevant, is that Pentax shooters generally know that the lenses will work and what the limitations are. That's been a major topic of discussion on Pentax forums for many years before the FF announcement.

Ryan Venedam's picture

See: Canon EOS

Wouter Oud's picture

"The inclusion of this mode is exciting [....]" No, it's not. It's mandatory. ;)

Martin Francis's picture

Good news, though I'm not entirely convinced that's any different from the Nikon implementation... Unless the Pentax has a dedicated switch or lever to select crop modes?

Ryan Venedam's picture

So far as can be seen, it has a dial with several different options, and another dial to control which ever of those is set.

Ricky Perrone's picture

This special camera also has a dedicated dial which allows you to select shutter speed. ;-) Nice to see pentax going FF they make some great cameras.

Anthony Laviano's picture

Any idea if the aperture lever on older film K-Mount lenses would interfer with the mirror on the full-frame system?

Ryan Venedam's picture

Not yet, but I'm certain it will be the topic of one of these updates. That said, the lever has been there since 1976, so I doubt it will have an effect moving back to 35mm

Leigh Miller's picture

Well...the dead have arisen it seems..too late I think though.

Graham Swayze's picture

Nice to see Pentax playing with the big boy's again