PhaseOne's New 645DF+ Medium Format SLR

PhaseOne's New 645DF+ Medium Format SLR

In collaboration with Mamiya, PhaseOne updated the 645 SLR line this week with the new 645DF+. The camera features improved autofocusing, overall better reliability, and a battery system that can last for -- get this -- 10,000 photos!

Deplete that battery a dozen times and you're looking at a number of exposures that would start to break most consumer DSLR shutters! That's impressive.

These 645 bodies, including the new 645DF+, all accept wonderful leaf shutter lenses, including a new 28mm f/2.8 lens, that will allow for up to a 1/1600 flash sync. If you can spare an extra $6000 for the body and then again for the 28mm lens, you'll have one of the most versatile systems money can buy...assuming you then shell out another 15-50k for a digital back.


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Jason Schultz's picture

Eat that, D800! 

I'm a PO owner and fan...but it's an exotic...don't really buy it for longevity.

Why not for longevity?

Fact Check: The 645DF doesn't take film backs, only digital. The Mamiya AFD III, which is the same camera as the PhaseOne 645AF were the last to take film backs.

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I wish there was a company that would create digital backs for  old medium format bodies (like Hasselblad's 500cm). With all that has been accomplished in the photographic world, no one can convince me it can't be done.

 Phase One does this too.

Yeah the 645DF's wont take film backs, not an option anymore.

Haha, well it does have a long battery life because it only powers the the camera body. The digital back, which eats up a lot of juice, has its own battery/power connection.

- Joe

That said, the need to carry (or at least have on hand) different batteries for the body and back has been an annoying niggle with the Phase One system. With long-life cells in the body, you only really need to worry about keeping the back fed now.

I didn't know that the new PhaseOne's and Mamiya's wouldn't take film backs. I just assumed they would. I own an AFD-III (which I am selling) and I shoot only film on it. I had considered upgrading to a 645DF for a while, but I was going to stick with film. That sucks.

Glad I moved to Contax 645 (which is why I am selling the above).

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Yup. I assumed as well based on my similar experience. Sorry for that mistake everyone. But Contax is a great system in that regard. Not a bad choice for film :-)