Phottix Prices and Releases New TTL Speedlight

Phottix Prices and Releases New TTL Speedlight

Announced over a year ago at CES 2012, Phottix has priced and released their Mitros TTL Speedlight for Canon cameras today, with the Nikon and Sony versions coming in May. It's priced at $349 MSRP, but I expect to see it from dealers for around $300.

Phottix has been working diligently to make the Mitros as perfect as possible, as you can probably imagine from the very lengthy wait between announcement and release. Phottix claims the Mitros will do everything you expect a top-of-the-line TTL flash to do. Its functions include built-in IR triggering with Master and Slave modes, AF assist light, auto/manual zooming flash head and all with fast recharge times. The Phottix Mitros TTL Flash includes a USB port for firmware upgrades and a 3.5mm Sync port.



The Phottix Mitros is pretty powerful with a guide number of 58. The flash features full TTL functionality as well as manual and multi modes. It is the perfect compliment to the Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger system as well as fully compatible as a master or slave with Canon's native IR (no, not radio) system. The Mitros also features an optical slave mode.





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Brandon Luckain's picture

If only it were radio Canon's monopoly of control can be ended. That's one of the biggest reasons why I reguse to get the 600EX RT, among others.

They should built in a radio-receiver, at least for their own triggers. Missed opportunity...

You can use Phottix's Odin trigger system for wireless TTL triggering. It works really well so far while playing around with it. 

Sure you can, but you need a separate radio receiver (Odin or Strato). I think they should have built a radio receiver into that flash, making the whole system more attractive. As it stands, this flash isn't any better than Nissin or Lumopro or any other in that price category.

 I agree. I would rather buy OEM flashes instead of this. If it had a built in trigger aka Odin style then I would be the driver of the band wagon :)

OEM flash? get a clue what OEM means.

Solid point. That would be cool.

Pity they didn't choose to add Odin features into this flash, then it'll be even more attractive. 

buy a few YN 560 II.. you get 5 for the price of this phottix flash.
real man don´t shoot TTL anyway, except joe mcnally and he is a nat geo photog.
they are well build and even when one brakes after 2-3 years it´s only 60-70 euro.

and the YN-622C triggers are great. HSS, manual control, ETTL .. for 65 euro.

hmm, never thought of the YN-622C, thanks!

Hmm, not too familiar with YN products but the 560 II looks tempting, any idea if YN has any product that's similar like Phottix Odin? I can live with using full manual, I just need a wireless commander to adjust all the slave outputs. 

and it will last for half the time of a 580 EX II....

Spy Black's picture

 But you'll have made your money back tens times over.

How about companies starting to indicate their flash duration, i bet this is complete shit!

Nooooooo! is its a plastic hotshoe! like on Odin... FFS... do they never learn!

No, its a metal hotshoe...that piece under the slide lock is actually the weather seal like on the 580EX II.

Would anyone like to comment : NISSIN Di 866 Mark II vs. PHOTTIX MITROS FOR MY CANON 1D MARK II. This will be my first flash for this camera. I have very limited flash experience, and I would just like to purchase a quality flash unit that I can learn to grow into. THANK YOU . . .

"What would really put it over the top is if it had flash presets with a voice control function so you could just hit a button and say "Moody Vintage Style" and the flash takes care of all the settings for you. If it had that feature, also made a perfect cup of coffee, had a .05 millisecond recycle time and could do 1200 full power flashes on one AAA battery, with built in radio triggering for $150, then this would be AWESOME."

Get a grip folks, its a robust, feature-rich and powerful flash with weather sealing and a metal hotshoe for $300. You can buy this and the Odin system for about $25 more than what just the Canon 600EX-RT alone would cost you, and you'd still have to spring for third party triggers or Canon's overpriced ST-E3-RT.