Platypod Pro Max Mini Tripod Announced

2016 is the year of new tripod designs. Edelkrone launched their brand new design two months ago at NAB, and now, another company, Platypod Pro LLC, has announced on Kickstarter their new compact tripod system for low-angle use, both for photographers and videographers: Platypod Pro Max.

Platypod Pro was announced last year, and it was an innovative design. Now, the company is getting ready to launch the Platypod Pro Max. It is small enough to be portable, yet more durable and practical. In comparison to the Platypod Pro, the new Max is approximately two times larger in size, which allows users to carry systems up to 300 lbs (compared to 90 lbs on the previous model) . Also, the newly added built-in screw containers make the new model more attractive. 

First of all, Platypod Pro and Platypod Pro Max are not products that will make you throw your tripods away. These are basic, portable, and durable floor pods that can carry any size of ball head and camera system safely. You can also use Platypod for mounting your speedlights, GoPro cameras, etc. But the new Platypod Pro Max is a game-changer in terms of using big pro camera systems on different angles and in hard situations. You can even shoot inside a refrigerator with Platypod! Considering the unlimited possibilities of usage, portability, and necessity, this looks like one of the most innovative products of 2016.

If you ever had a chance to use the Platypod Pro, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Roman Kazmierczak's picture

The idea is actually clever but $99 for aluminum plate? Little bit to expensive for what it is.

WTF is nearly every "NEW" product review on here a Kickstarter commercial?

Neat idea. $99 neat, no way. Also, they made the first one and are selling it so WTF the need to go back to a Kickstarter campaign? I assume they are making a profit. Well, take some of that profit and launch your new product.

I have been using a pre-production unit for the past 3 weeks and am most impressed. Prior to the MAX I was using a "Ground Pod" for all my low to the ground shots. Both devices give you the flexibility of moving and shifting the camera and lens as needed on the ground or on sand - they both cost $99. There is also the Kirk Low Pod for $169. The MAX however, has the distinct advantage of reversible spikes and rubberized feet so it can be leveled and mounted on multiple surfaces. It can also be affixed to a studio wall using the non-threaded holes. Also the two slots allow you to safely mount the MAX using your belt. If you are worried about your pants falling off, Bungie cords work great as do plastic cable ties. Best of all the product is beautifully machined, built soild and is flat enough so you can carry it in a slot made for carrying your iPad. I use an Ona Brixton and the MAX is an ideal fit. And if you are a macro photographer this is a great tool for your arsenal.

John Skinner's picture

These guys are on crack.

There is nothing added to this that the F Plate didn't have, in fact, they don't have a feature set like this F Plate --->

But both of these companies are off their trolleys on this pricing for this thing. I could have the same plate made in a metal shop locally for 25.00 cash and liquid rubber dip it myself. Insane pricing.

You knoew it was a grab when Kelby was shoving it as hard as he was.