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Polaroid Announces a Tiny New Printer That Promises Prints With a Much Better Lifespan

Polaroid Announces a Tiny New Printer That Promises Prints With a Much Better Lifespan

Polaroid has just announced a tiny new printer: the Hi-Print, measuring just under 7 x 4 inches and producing 2.1 x 3.4 inch prints, it’s perfect for those “not so serious ideas,” and prints are guaranteed not to fade over time.

The Hi-Print is Polaroid’s first ever dye sublimation printer, a method that should give the resulting print a longer lifespan. The printer pairs with an app on your smartphone and the prints are also stickers, making it perfect for those who like to decorate their laptops.

The dye sublimation process should be an upgrade on the thermal Zero Ink technology often found in smartphone printers which are known to produce prints which fade quite quickly, as seemed to be the case with the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer released back in 2015.

Polaroid Hi-Print

Previously Polaroid Original and before that Impossible Project, Polaroid is now a Dutch company that is deploying the brand’s classic and easily-identifiable branding. It breathed new life into Polaroid, bringing back print stock and now adding new products.

The Hi-Print is available now from the Polaroid website for $99.99, or $129.99 if you choose to add 40 sheets of photo paper. Additional paper cartridges come in packs of 20 and cost $16.99 each.

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hey ab's picture

Pretty sweet. Great way to connect to people on the street or just have around.

Brad Smith's picture

not sure the prints are really meant for a longer lifespan if they're stickers..... I was interested...and then I saw that.

Guy Daudelin's picture

I would like to know what kind of print lifespan we are looking at here.

Is it only "not fading with time compared to previous printers from Polaroid" or can you compare with other dye sub solutions on the market?