Profoto Shows Off the B1s in Location Portraiture with Brian Marcus

Profoto just released a video showcasing their popular B1 units on location with wedding photographer Brian Marcus. Marcus shows how he uses the lights through new York with ease, obviously taking advantage of the size and weight of the B1 heads. This particular video focuses on the NIkon TTL Air remotes that were just released.

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Christian Berens's picture

Those images are amazing! The lights look like they work easily and work quickly as well.
However those are just tools, Marcus is definitely skilled!

Bavarian DNA's picture

Besides of the great Profoto unit, This guy is really amazing and creative. Fantastic Article Jaron

Farreno Ferguson's picture

yep now to go spend some money ... #imSold

It doesn't hurt to have a badass lighting assistant with you as well.....still searching for someone who who knows lighting inside and out, and is willing to be an assistant....tough to find.

Gregory Mink's picture

Two Badass lighting assistants + 2 B1s + iconic locations in NYC + creative photographer = AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS

Henry Louey's picture

Have to agree. The B1s are useless if the photographer doesn't know how to use them.

Fantastic images. Brian would be able to get amazing images using natural light and a reflector i suspect!