Redrock Micro Goes High-End with New "Black" Accessory Line

Redrock Micro Goes High-End with New "Black" Accessory Line

Wanting to differentiate their affordable lines from their super high end products, Redrock Micro is going to offer a line of premium products under a new label: Redrock Black. The accessories will be made specifically for Canon EOS Cinema, Sony F and FS series, Red cameras, and Blackmagic cinema cameras.

"Redrock Black line consists of cinema accessories and rigs designed for modern digital cinema cameras, the workhorse of filmmakers around the world. Redrock Black includes the ultraCage system for Canon EOS Cinema cameras, Sony F and FS series, Red Digital Cinema, and Blackmagic cinema cameras.

Redrock Black is easily identifiable by its sleek, black look with subtle gold accents and badges. The Black line will grow with additional product enhancements and support for other digital cinema cameras.

In addition, qualifying Redrock Black products come with a complimentary membership to Redrock Concierge, a unique set of services and incentives to inspire and support video professionals. From complimentary rig tune-ups and live Skype setup assistance, to special incentives and rewards at events and online, Redrock Concierge is one more reason Redrock is here for you wherever your career and creativity take you."

redrock black


Fancy fancy Redrock. Pricing is going to vary based on specific rig and the options chosen, but I expect the premium label to come with a premium price.

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marc osborne jr's picture

I'd be more impressed if they had a low-cost line. $500 for a simple shooter rig is still ridiculous.

Anthony Chopin's picture

My thoughts exactly, i almost died when i saw "their affordable lines" There are far better rigs than Red Rock for about the same price or less, its actually almost insulting!!

marc osborne jr's picture

They should be competing with cheap Chinese knock-offs (and Poloroid) and not Zacuto.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Really? You think that's sustainable?

marc osborne jr's picture

You shouldn't have to spend $460 on this . when the Polaroid is $60 I guarantee the Polaroid is still making a huge profit!

I have both the Polaroid and the RR version of this rig. There is no comparison, the Redrock is a production tool, the Polaroid is a piece of junk (at least the one I got). The Gini Rigs stuff (now BR or something) is the best budget stuff I have found, all those cheap knockoffs are a waste of time and money. Support is definitely a case of 'you get what you pay for'

marc osborne jr's picture

My point being that they are still too expensive! Gini Rigs have got it right - I'm just surprised a premiere company like Redrock Micro is going UP and not DOWN in their competitive markets.

Jaron Schneider's picture

When you are in a market saturated with crap, you don't want to stoop to that level of pricing. You can never go back up. It's actually a terrible business plan to go down to meet the pricing of inferior products. This is business 101.

Jaron, maybe you should go on to Business 102: you have two different niches you can reach. The first is the 'value differentiation', where consumers will buy something that has value to them, and price is not that important. The second is 'price competition' (usually when products are commodities), where consumers are very price-conscious, and will buy the best bargain. It is very rare for a company to engage in both strategies, since quality and cost go hand-in-hand, but it does sometimes occur.

Define "piece of junk" when it comes to the polaroid ? did it fall apart the first time you used it ? did the redrock version allow you to get shots that would be impossible with the polaroid ? i doubt it, you could go through 8/9 polaroid rigs breaking for the price of one RR running man, both of which are probably made in the same factory.

Red Rock MASSIVELY inflate prices, just a standard 15mm 9 inch section of carbon fibre rod costs $40 excl shipping from red rock, but the exact same piece of carbon fibre rod costs $6 from another site ?

Does red rock have a super secret carbon fibre recipe that nobody else has ? no, do they offer a snap on type warranty that means if it ever breaks over its lifetime they'll replace it ? no.

Just because its red rock. they charge a lot more. Does a $20,000 watch tell time 5000 times better than a $50 watch, no, but you can show off and brag about how good one looks, the other one just does the job it was built to do.

The running man rig is not worth $500 of anybodies money, $60 is a good price point for it, even zacuto over inflate their prices in a big way, just because they are cashing in on an industry thats taking flight at the moment.

I have used the cheapo ebay gear (yes some of it is terrible, but some are great quality) zacuto gear and red rock.

Yes, the zacuto and red rock gear is good, but in no way worth the money they are asking for, the pricing system is disgusting.

Plus this new "premium" range means that they are saying their current line up isn't good enough for pro users, that they've needed to come up with better products because their current products cant be up to scratch, if they were then there would be no need for the new line up, or they just want more money (the latter in my opinion, the gear they currently have is well up to the task of pro use)

I find it laughable that they class the current line up as affordable

marc osborne jr's picture

So Canon should have never gone with a Rebel lineup?

Zack Williamson's picture

GiniRig's stuff is awesome, and their sales are usually pretty crazy if you can catch one

they're already 'premium' enough. :)

Maybe we reached a point where the gear you carry (or the way you're dressed) is more important than the output of your work. That is very sad indeed... Definitely, this stuff is not for me.

George Socka's picture

Redrock = Made in USA, which if you are a USA shooter should be paramount. Crappy Chinese knock off companies don't hire USA Photogs at $2k per day. If you are not in teh US, then carry on. Now, unfortunately the cameras to go on these things are also made in China (or Japana which is a whoel other issue. At least Blackmagic and Red are US though not sure where the cameras are actually made

Jayson Carey's picture

I have tried looking several places on their site and other sources. Where does it say they are made or even assembled in the USA? I would agree that the extra price is justified if it is made by skilled, well paid American workers, but I can't confirm that it is.

Evan Bourcier's picture

Quick question: Why does everyone feel the need to rant about how bad this is? If you think they're overpriced dont by them. Obviously they're not hurting or they'd change it. The only reason to sit here and say they should be cheaper is if you think they ARE better than the knockoff rigs, and you just dont want to pay for the difference in quality. RRM's stuff is top notch, and a heck of a lot cheaper than a lot of other production equipment out there. I'm very interested to see details on Black.