Resolution to Spare: A Review of the Sony a7R IV

The Sony a7R IV is the latest entry in Sony's popular series of high-resolution cameras, and it brings with it a huge bump in resolution along with other improvements. Is it the right camera for you? This great review takes a thorough look at the camera to help you decide.

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this excellent review takes a good look at the Sony a7R IV camera. The a7R IV has an almost 20-megapixel bump in resolution (to 61 megapixels) over the already high-resolution a7R III, an over 50% bump in EVF resolution, autofocus improvements, and refined ergonomics, plus more. Still, the a7R III is one heck of a camera, and you might be wondering if you need the extra improvements, features, and refinements over the a7R III. Personally, while the difference between the a7R II and a7R III was massive, it seems the gap between the a7R III and a7R IV is more about refinement and polish over massive leaps (aside from the large jump in resolution). Still, the sum of all those improvements can make for a big difference in your shooting experience and could well make the a7R IV worth it. Check out the video above for Abbott's full thoughts. 

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EL PIC's picture

MP Scam for gearheads.
Remember when cameras had decade or longer product life cycle ??
Now they are at 1 - 2 years.

Eric Salas's picture

Introduction, growth, maturity, decline...

The A7RIV is a new camera but the A7R3 still hasn’t reached decline so its life cycle hasn’t come to an end.

Just because a new product is introduced doesn’t mean the life cycle of an older camera is over. The same high performing camera with little to no competition can have a longer life cycle due to a price drop catering to a different price point/market.

Just pointing that out since you love to comment about mirrorless only being a scam to make money (probably because Sony is the only company actually putting advancements into their mirrorless while others cripple their bodies to make money - Canon)

Eric Salas's picture

Glad to see you’re still living grandpa. Hope you have a good day!

Gerald Bertram's picture

There he is! I just KNEW you'd have an aneurysm when I saw this article! lol

Dennis Johnson's picture

thought he got banned. normal product life cycle is 3 years more or less. the D750 hasnt been replaced since 2014, wonderful camera. but sony pumps one out every 2 years. means that your body will loose more money over that period. other thing is that there are more cheaper alternatives in lenses, grips and/or batteries for other brands like nikon/canon than sony. some things i would love to have, others are reasons not to buy sony. but to be honest i do think i might buy a sony as a vlog or second camera, maybe the a6400 or a7-IV when it comes out. cant be long before they drop that one.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

You and your fake news. The battery grip is $398, not $450. It's only $100 more than for Canon's 5D Mark IV. AND, it's only $1 more than for Nikon's D850. lol. This guy.

And, what do you care about dust protection anyways? It's not like you shoot outdoors.

Jason Levine's picture

A decade long product life cycle? Boy Canon and Nikon must have been laughing all the way to the bank.

darrell miller's picture

Sony dropped the price of the A7r3 when they released the A7r4. so you have options.

I shoot the a7r3 and now the A7r4. (i needed a 2nd body)The improvements will be minor or unnoticeable to some. it just depends on what and how you shoot, for me its noticeable and worth the purchase. I shoot live music and performances. The 3 is a phenomenal camera but with one UHS-II slot, i have to watch my shutter count find a break in the performance and swap cards. Its a pain, and always comes at a really bad time. That and the bigger grip made a big difference. Focusing is a little faster, color seems to be a little more accurate straight out of the camera. I could care less about the 60mp. Would i upgrade if i was a 3 owner? probably not.. if i was looking for a high res camera? sure.. its a great camera. buying a R3 and some good glass is probably a better deal for more most.

David Love's picture

Awesome now Sony peeps can whine about Sony slowing down and only selling slight upgraded cameras like the rest of us.

charlie sanders's picture

If it works for Apple,ford, dodge.... great business plan.

Markus Hameister's picture

The a7R III was (is!) fantastic, the a7R IV is absolutely awesome, opinion!

Christian Lainesse's picture

I can't wait for Sony to release a 100mp A7R. At this rate, they should be doing it by the end of 2020, right?

Christian Lainesse's picture

Of course, to use a 100mp sensor, Sony would have to double the size of the camera body, perfect for my big hands.

Dennis Johnson's picture

larger body or it wont fit a larger lens mount for that larger sensor.

Jason Levine's picture

Best thing about the A7RIV is that the A7RIII can be picked up for $2500 (or less via Greentoe) new and even less used. Let’s just remember the A7RIII is still highly competitive in the FF high res mirrorless market.

Eric Salas's picture

Exactly. I’m not upgrading because I’m still more than happy with my A7riii. It would be nice to have the extra resolution but the AF, res, buffer, etc. still is more than awesome.