We Review the Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage

We Review the Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage

I have a cage for my iPhone. But I thought about how I could it to rather use MagSafe instead of clamping it in each time I wanted to shoot a video. And now Moment has released the perfect MagSafe-equipped Mobile Filmmaker Cage. They’ve sent one over for me to test, and here are the results.

It’s made of metal. The cage has a simple shape, but that’s exactly what it’s supposed to have when you want to focus on what matters. And it’s the details that push this to a professional level. There are spacings for a cable, so your mic's or light’s power cable can sit snugly along the cage’s side and not get in the way.

The cage costs $99, which is not cheap, but with that said, if you’re looking to get professional shots, it is wise to view buying equipment as an investment. This cage will stand the test of time. 

What I Liked

The build quality is the best I’ve seen in a mobile phone cage. 

MagSafe is the ultimate addition to a mobile-first film producer. You can keep your phone in its case, and if you don’t have an iPhone, you can attach the stick-on adapter that converts any phone that doesn’t have MagSafe to a working solution.

It has two cold shoe mounts and a space to navigate cables so they won’t get in the way. 

When you put a top-handle on the cage, it makes it possible to get some superb low-slung angles. If you’re using a newish iPhone, you’re going to get even better stabilization than the iPhone already offers. The top handles I would recommend are the Smallrig Top handle and the Smallrig Universal Handle with Cold Shoe Mount

Another win is the fact that you can unscrew the magnetized part that holds the camera to mount it onto a tripod, which gives you options. 

What I Didn’t Like

The MagSafe is great, but every time you mount your phone, you have to make sure it’s straight. It’s not a dealbreaker and is much more convenient than any other mount I’ve had, but it is something to look out for when you shoot. The magnets are super strong, so it’s not easy to knock it around, but the first setup is important. It’s also not possible to mount the cage to a tripod.


The cage is a win if you're a mobile filmmaker. It'll stabilize your shots, give you ways of holding your camera if you add a top-handle, and it's easy to get going with MagSafe. 

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