A Review of the New Canon 1D X Mark III

Canon recently released the 1D X Mark III with features like 5.5K 12-bit internal raw video and a whopping 20 fps continuous rate (with mechanical or electronic shutter), along with a bevy of other improvements and new features. How does it hold up in the real world? This great video takes a good look at the new camera to answer that question.

Coming to you from Gordon Laing, this excellent video takes a look at the new Canon 1D X Mark III. The 1D X Mark III is a definite leap forward from the already impressive Mark II. The marquee features are definitely the aforementioned internal raw video and increased continuous rate, but the new model also brings with it approximately triple the number of autofocus points (along with Deep Learning Technology that can tracking a subject's head and face), reduced shutter lag and viewfinder blackout, smart controller built into the AF-On button, Dual Pixel AF with 90% x 100% coverage and a range of EV -6 to EV 18, illuminated buttons, and an essentially unlimited buffer. Altogether, it looks to be a remarkable camera that should be able to handle just about any situation competently. Check out the video above for Laing's full thoughts. 

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For 98% of all photographers this is a totally irrrelevant camera.

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It was probably relevant enough for you to react.