A Review of the Panasonic S1 Full Frame Camera

The Panasonic S1 is the company's first foray into the full frame camera market. Though it's their first camera of the sort, they've had a lot of experience in the micro four thirds realm and have brought that knowledge to the S1 to give themselves a head start on the competition. How well did they do? This helpful review takes a look at both the photo and video capabilities of the camera to answer that question.

Coming to you from DPReview, this great video gives a review of the Panasonic S1 camera. The S1 is quite the exciting camera, with an absolutely packed features list that includes things like a 30 fps 6K capture mode (giving approximately 18-megapixel images), 10-bit internal 4K, a ludicrous EVF, and of course, the intriguing L mount alliance with Leica and Sigma. In actual usage, it seems there's quite a bit to like about the camera, with great image quality, very strong low-light performance, and a flurry of useful features to help both photographers and videographers get the shots and footage they need. The Achilles' heel of the camera seems to be the autofocus, which isn't awful, but still lags a bit behind competitors. That being said, it is Panasonic's first iteration, and there are still a lot of positives, so we should be able to expect improvements in the future. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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michaeljin's picture

Same here as long as they're for free. That way I can sell them and get myself a new light.

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I see it as a complete and utter failure. Expensive, bigger than a dslr (!!) (and still bad battery life), cdaf only, huge, expensive lenses (until Sigma comes out with their huge, less expensive ones). It has nice video, but nothing that Sony won't top in half a year, in a much smaller body. The S1R even got a homebrew, uncompetitive FSI sensor with crappy DR and iso performance.