Is Panasonic Going to Announce the Lumix GH6 in August?

Is Panasonic Going to Announce the Lumix GH6 in August?

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 has been a solid choice for run-and-gun video shooters, offering 4K 10-bit 4:2:2, and 4K 60p from its micro-four thirds sensor. Three years after its release, the time for its successor might be upon us.

Rumors suggest that the announcement was due to arrive at this year’s Photokina in May. With the global pandemic disrupting industry events and production lines, that news is said to have been pushed back to August or September, with the expectation that the camera will arrive in the first part of 2021.

The rumor sites suggest that the GH6 will contain a 41-megapixel sensor from Sony and be capable of shooting 6K at 30. Most Lumix fans will probably be keen to see if Panasonic has managed to overhaul and improve the autofocus, perhaps one aspect that slightly undermined the GH5’s versatility for news, documentary, and events shooters.

Other improvements should include better battery life and the new sensor would almost certainly see a boost to dynamic range and low-light performance. It will be interesting to see if Panasonic has to find a means of dissipating the heat generated by shooting in 6K. The S1H has a vent that Panasonic says does not compromise its weather sealing but given how rugged the GH5 is said to be (not just dust- and moisture-proof, but freeze-proof!) a vent might not be an option. The micro-four thirds sensor in the GH6 will likely produce far less heat than its full-frame counterpart, but it might still require some thoughtful design elements.

What other features would you like to see? Built-in ND filters? A top-panel LCD? Leave your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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I really hope they do come out with a GH6. I love the M43 form factor and lenses — they're great for weddings. I'd upgrade all 5 of my GH5/GH5S if they could just do two things: 4k 60p 10bit 422 internally and include both the low light capabilities of GH5S with the in-body stabilization of the GH5. Full V-log would be nice too, but not a dealbreaker. Personally, I don't care about autofocus and not so fussed about 6k, so I'd be very disappointed if this is where the focus was for Panasonic.

AF is always going to be a priority, especially in mirrorless which has lagged compared to OVF systems. So absolutely expect improvements in AF. What will sadly not happen is a reduction in body size, which is a big pet peeve with me with M4/3 bodies. All modern bodies are WAY too big for the format, including the GHx series. I'm sure the new body will be even larger than the present GH5. I'll stick with my GM5 and E-M10 Mk II thank you.

I'm going to disagree there. I like the larger body size of the GH4/5 series.

Also... Jim, I think you're on point. I'll take what you're having. Although I wouldn't mind some AF improvements if they're going to throw them in. Same with a top panel LCD.

You're better off with APS-C and FF bodies then. Better use of a larger body with better image quality. The embarrassment today is that some APS-C bodies are actually SMALLER than M4/3 bodies! It's time for M4/3 to get back to it's roots.

This always comes up. MFT isn't just about small bodies. It's about small lenses too. The MFT system gives you choice. Yes some APS-C and even FF bodies are smaller than the professional grade MFT bodies. But in most cases, other than Fuji u're still stuck using FF glass if you want quality so where's size advantage again?
If u're interested in size, no other ILC system AFAIK, can get you as small as MFT re lenses and bodies within the eqv focal length. The bodies you're complaining about were feature targeted at Pros. The very features that make the GH5 and G9 as capable and reliable as they are possible partially because of the size of the bodies to limit overheating etc and they're sized to work better with the larger lenses Pros tend to use. Look how many times u've heard people complain about how cramped these small bodies are for the lenses they're designed to be used with. Whereas Panasonic has consistently been getting high marks for the ergonomics of their pro bodies.
The smaller bodies with updated tech are still available but with compromises. Look at the E-M5 III it's basically the EM-1 II former flagship re specs in a body the size of a GX85.
Hopefully Panasonic follows Olympus' lead and does the same. For their upcoming GX replacement.

I understand the feature set, there's just no reason why it can't ALSO be done with smaller bodies like my E-M10 Mk II. You may like your GH5 body, but I want a full pro MFT camera the size of my E-M10 Mk II. The E-M10 Mk II is quite functional professionally in layout, but deliberately stunted in performance here and there. The size, however, is marvelous, especially with those smaller lenses you're fond of. ;-)

I really liked my GH5, until I got the BMPCC 6K. The look is less sharpened digital, recording to a ssd card instead of memory cards and easier menu layout is hard to ignore and it's already 6k. No $600 metabones adapters is a nice bonus and I'd rather have the no auto focus on the blackmagic than the horrible mess of the gh5. I don't really know what they could do to excite people now.

I was allways very sceptical for blackmagic design because I thought they just were making studio camera's, but using a BMPCC4k changed my mind drastically. Shooting compressed BRAW 12-bits is so much better image quality (and flexibility in post) then anything the GH5 can provide (except stills). Though, ideally, a GH6 that has IBIS, autofocus, better dynamic range, (XLR for quality microphones) and 12-bits RAW video is what I am looking for: that is what my small production company needs. Not a heavy canon c200 without stabilisation.

Already gave my take on what I hope will be on the GH6/GH6x/GH6v on that video.

Also I believe they'll only include the fan on the GH6x which I'm sure will be the one more similar to the S1R with its capabilities for video. I'm sure they'll have better low light capabilities because they're probably going to include dual native iso to each of their flagships. And built in Nd filters for the GH6x, and the GH6 and GH6x will be on par with their ibis against Olympus.

I don't care at all about 8k but I'll buy a bunch of these if they have usable consistent AF, better ISO, better dynamic range, and maybe some sort of raw video shooting (although I will rarely use it). 8k sounds cool but at this point, I don't need it.

Can someone explain why 41MP is desirable? I realize that not everyone has the same needs, but do the majority of us need 41MP? I'd love to add a GH6 to my kit (I have the GH4 and G9) but I really don't want to deal with the file sizes I'll get from 41MP. My work in real estate photography is shown exclusively online, and 20 to 24 MP is MORE than enough to have great-looking professional photos. And what about video - does it benefit from higher-MP cameras? If so, why does the GH5S only have 10MP? AF, low-light, IBIS, dynamic range - these seem like the key features to improve - and sure, bump up to 24MP if you want, but 41?? I'd love to hear feedback on this sensor size and what you feel would justify it for most users.

41MP would scare me away. I'd be afraid the noise is too high and it's not good enough in low light. So I hope this isn't the direction they are going in. I would much rather they went 20MP and tried to improve the image so that we got GH5S low light performance with GH5 resolution.

The only reason I would think they would go 41MP is to try and put 8K into the camera. I have a theory that a lot of these Japanese camera makers are going for 8K because of the Olympics being shot in 8K. I think that's why Canon announced the R5 doing 8K. Now that the Olympics is delayed a year, that gives everyone including Panasonic a little more time to announce 8K cameras and ride that 8K train the Olympics will drum up in Japan.

It's mostly trying to keep up with the Jones's. That said, if a functional camera can be made with the sensor, or I should say there is functional use of the sensor, then it's an option to have, right?

I think however M4/3 could use a NEW modern-tech sensor at around 12-16 megapixels with similar-type noise and dynamic range to the likes of the 12 meg Sony.

Not a video shooter, but love my GX85 for stills. I'm very intrigued by a new sensor though. 41 MP seems like quite the jump. Make a 24-30 MP sensor, improve the ISO and eye and tracking AF on a stills camera and I would be very happy.