Rode Wireless GO Combines the Mic and Transmitter All in One

This month, Rode is releasing their latest audio recording system with the Wireless GO. The compact design features no menus, and offers a simple receiver and transmitter with microphone built in.

Targeting an audience of journalists and vloggers, the two-piece set simplifies the setup process by clipping the transmitter-microphone combo to the subject, connecting the receiver to the camera, powering on, connecting, and then recording. The Wireless GO uses an internal lithium-ion battery that Rode claims will last up to seven hours. Charging is done to both transmitter and receiver via their USB-C ports and can be fully repowered in two hours.

The transmitter has a built-in pre-polarized omnidirectional microphone with a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and weighs one ounce. It also has a 3.5mm TRS powered port to bring your currently owned lavalier microphone to the system. The Wireless GO can transmit up to 230 feet and uses the same 2.4 GHz frequency band as the RodeLink.

The receiver's LCD screen displays battery status, audio level, and signal strength, and can be mounted to a camera or clipped elsewhere.

The Rode Wireless GO is priced at $199 and will begin shipping on April 18. You can read more details and preorder yours right now on B&H.

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I just bought into the Sennheiser XSW-D system. This is $100 less for 2 hours more battery power. You should do a head-to-head.

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Oh, this looks tidy!.
The fact that you can also add your current Lav mic is very handy too.

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This is a neat and compact idea, especially if you use an external lav so your videos don't become running advertisements for Rode.

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or just put your own brand sticker over it. Not issue really.

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Personally I prefer to keep transmitters out of site, but a sticker could work if not. As long as there's not too much distance between the radios the Bluetooth should stay locked.

!!!Addressing the non-locking 3.5mm connection!!!

I just got the Wireless Go a few days ago. Even though the 3.5mm jack is really snug and seems secure enough, you can't say it's not going to wear out over time.

So I came up with a little clampy clamp to make sure that can never happen.
If you'd like to see, what my Idea is and maybe you'd like to 3D-Print it yourself, just head over to the Clamp on Thingiverse: