Samsung Goes Slim with Thinnest Fisheye on the Market: 10mm f/3.5

Samsung Goes Slim with Thinnest Fisheye on the Market: 10mm f/3.5

Though Samsung is a brand very few of us associate with either pro optics or cameras, they really want us to take them more seriously. I've used their mirrorless cameras on occasion and have been generally happy with the experience. To try and sway us further into their camp, Samsung has just unveiled a new addition to their lens lineup: the thinnest fisheye on the market in the 10mm f/3.5 wide angle lens.

Available in either white or black, the 10mm fisheye is compatible with all of Samsung's NX mount cameras. It also comes loaded with Samsung's iScene system which is a kind of auto-setting that assists photographers. The 10mm fisheye iScene options including Beauty Shot, Portrait, Night, Backlight, Children and Sports, which Samsung hopes will help make the lens more adaptable to the needs of a wide range of situations. The 10mm F3.5 Fisheye is also fitted with a Circular Aperture Diaphragm to bring the subject of your images front and center.

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  • Focal Length: 10mm (equivalent to 15.4mm in 35mm format)
  • Elements in Groups: 7 elements in 5 groups (1 Aspherical lens)
  • Angle of View: 180°
  • Aperture: F3.5 (Min. F22)
  • Number of Blades: 7, Circular Aperture Diaphragm
  • OIS: No
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.09m
  • Maximum Magnification: Approx. 0.22X
  • iScene: Night, Portrait, Beauty shot, Children, Backlight, Sports
  • Lens Hood: No
  • Filter Size: No
  • Mount Type: Samsung NX Mount
  • Dimension (DxL): Φ58.8mm x 26.3mm
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces (without mount cap & lens cap)


Keep it up Samsung. I get more convinced of your camera options every day.

UPDATED: Want to see some samples? Check em out.

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Now...If only their NX series cameras produced better quality images this lens might be worth looking into. Samsung...back off on the number of megapixels you are trying to crowd into your APSC sized sensors and "maybe" your high ISO noise spec would improve! Ya think?

That's the deal breaker for me with the whole NX line up.