Samsung Releases T5 Portable SSD

Samsung Releases T5 Portable SSD

I've reviewed the earlier version of Samsung's T-series SSD drive, but today, they've announced a new version with better performance across the board. Up from 450 MB/s, the Portable SSD T5 now offers up to 540 MB/s read and 515 MB/s write speeds. It also comes in new colors. The 250 GB and 500 GB sizes will come in Alluring Blue while Deep Black will be reserved for the 1 TB and 2 TB capacities.

The Samsung T5 is amongst the most portable of SSDs available for the consumer market. It offers USB-C connections and comes with both USB-C-to-C and USB-C-to-A cables. The T5 is also even slightly smaller than its predecessor, the T3, and weighs about the same. It also features AES 256-bit encryption and comes with a healthy three-year warranty.

The T-series portable SSDs from Samsung are some of my favorite portable drives for their size and weight, or lack thereof. The price difference between these drives and other traditionally-sized 2.5-inch external SSDs is minimal for those who travel a lot and need to keep their gear bags light. Having one or two of these for live work on the road is a great solution when you don't have your desktop-class RAID system with you.

The T5 is available for pre-order in 250 GB through 2 TB capacities from $129.99 to $797.99 and will ship today from B&H.

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I switched to these (the previous models) for my travel kit a few years ago. I carry two 2TB T3's and they are fantastic. Super speed and tiny size. Been all over the world with me and mine have been rock solid. The speed would have been the reason for me to buy, but the small size and weight instead of carrying two regular orange drives is night and day.. Glad to see the next gen T5 now.

Aleksey Leonov's picture

Ahhh! My T3 on the way! :( Damn! Not good timing!

David Boyars's picture

I don't understand whats new, color? Seems a bit pretentious to skip a T4

Dustin Francis's picture

They much faster now and they skipped the T2, so they are just being consistent ;)