Sigma Is Focusing on Mirrorless Lenses From Now On

Sigma Is Focusing on Mirrorless Lenses From Now On

Sigma remade their image as a lens manufacturer by creating high quality, sharp DSLR lenses that undercut the prices of equivalent first party offerings. They have expanded into the mirrorless space with similar success, and now, the company has confirmed it will be focusing the majority of its attention on mirrorless developments in the future.

The news came in a tweet from Sigma's CEO, Kazuto Yamaki, in which he stated that the company will focus their attention on developing DG DN and DC DN mirrorless lenses (full frame and APS-C), with the most emphasis being put on full frame mirrorless lenses. Personally, Sigma's transition seems to be going just fine so far. For example, their 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens has been nothing but spectacular for me, both in performance and image quality, and the rest of their mirrorless offerings have received generally good reviews. The news that the company is focusing its attention exclusively on mirrorless offerings is not particularly surprising given the general state of the industry and the direction in which it is headed, but given that DSLRs are still quite prominent, it might be a bit disappointing for a lot of shooters to hear. Of course, this does not necessarily mean the company is no longer producing lenses for DSLRs, only that they will not be developing new lenses. Production will certainly depend on demand. 

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I've found this pretty much true. Any Sigma lens I've had has had to have micro adjustments to get them right. Tamron? No need.

There really isn't much more Sigma can do with full-frame lenses. They've covered the most common focal lengths so the only place to go would be further and further into fringe lenses that won't recoup development costs

But still no Sigma lenses with Fujifilm mounts.


I use the Sigma 30/1.4 on my X-T3 with the Fringer EF-FX Pro II adapter.

Fast, accurate AF and EXIF recorded perfectly. Highly, highly recommended if you want to put Sigma glass (or any Canon EF lenses; I also use the 24/3.5L TSE mkII) on a Fuji.

I have a Fringer EF-FX Pro II too, which I primarily use with the Canon TS-E 24mm tilt/shift lens, like you. The problem with using it for most other, non-specialty lenses is that the combination of lens and adapter is fairly heavy and somewhat unwieldy, removing one of the main reasons for having a Fujifilm camera in the first place.

Shame Fujifilm wont open the mount for them to create some. That 150-600 would be a beast on an X-T or X-H.

That lens is supported by the Fringer EF-FX adapter which, in my experience, is excellent.

Yeah my only issue is my other system is Nikon so id rather not buy Canon stuff that i couldnt use elsewhere.

the 70-300 thats just been reported on Fujirumors looks a great option though, if it takes a converter it will be immense.

As a novice compared to most of you all, I would like to see even more APSC lenses from Sigma. I have their 16mm f1.4 and its been great on my Sony a6400 for landscape, low light, and vlogging. What I want in particular, is for them to take aim at the Sony 10-18mm f4 [an $800 lens] and give us either a 10 or 12mm with auto-focus and larger aperture for under $500.
Vloggers are generally looked down upon by professionals, but do represent a legitimate niche in the market. Their [typically] lower budget might steer them towards a Sigma product instead of a Sony product if the two options were presented side by side.

Any Z mount lenses on development?