Smoking Hot Deal On 5d Mark II Kit With 24-105 and Printer At B&H: Only $2199!

Smoking Hot Deal On 5d Mark II Kit With 24-105 and Printer At B&H: Only $2199!

B&H just announced this incredible deal: $2199.00 after mail-in-rebate for a Canon 5d Mark II, 24-105mm f:4 L lens, and Pixma Pro9000 Mark II Printer Kit. On top of all this, they're also throwing in a LowePro AW 170 Shoulder Bag, a wireless IR shutter release, and a bundle of glossy photo paper. For those who have been waiting for prices to fall on the 5d Mark II, you simply can't beat this. Need I remind you that the original MSRP of the 5d Mark II kit was $3,499?

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I thought this was for the 5D3 and I almost had a heart attack scrambling for my credit card...

There is also a $400 rebate taking the cost down to $2199

I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure this includes that rebate. It's showing $400 off, and we were alerted to this by B&H directly. I feel like they would tell us if more discounts were available. 

There's like 5 rebates in the page, you know which one would be the one to go with?

The new page has only one rebate - the $400 AMEX card for the printer rebate.  It is that rebate that brings the total cost to $2199.

Its at times like this I dont want to live in New Zealand.  Oh if only I could get it for that price here.  *sobs*

Do you have any idea how long this will last?

Says the offer ends Oct. 27.

I was so excited I didn't even look at it for more than 2 seconds haha thanks!

B&H told me yes, then five minutes later said no on the $400 AMEX mail in rebate. Stating that is was a misprint and was going to be fixed. That was at 6pm CDT.

Weird. They stressed strongly that the deal DID include an additional rebate. Tell them we sent you, and that our info is straight from them.

 I got the same story - that the AMEX rebate is in addition to the other deals.  If you check the new B&H page, it makes this clear.  "Price after Mail in Rebate: $2,199.00"

Couldn't resist. Mine's on it's way. Anyone want to buy a brand new 24-105? I already have one ;)

 I also got the deal, and I'll also have a new, unused 24-105 to sell.

I work for a store in KC called Nebraska Furniture Mart. We have the exact same package for less plus 24 month interest free financing. I can't post the price on this site due to regulations at my work. If you are wanting to get one, please send me an email at and I can place the order with you over the phone.

dammit, just got my 5Dmk2 from BH couple days ago. Already have a Pixma9000, but easily would have traded the 28 f/1.8 I bought with it for the 24-104.

To those looking to unload a 24-105 lens let me know how much you are looking to get as I am on the market for one.