[Software] Release Me: Model Releases For The iPad/iPhone

In addition to his great new app Rock Photographer: The Photography Game, photographer and boy wonder Joey L has also released a really useful app called Release Me. This handy app takes all the hassle out of keeping up with model releases and stores them all on your phone. There also a bunch of great organizational features like map view which lets you find projects at a glance. 

This definitely makes things easier for me, what about you guys? Do you think this kind of thing is useful or do you prefer to stick with traditional paper releases?

Check out the full post on his blog HERE.



From Nick:

Hey guys, I’m brand new to the fstoppers team and I’d love to hear from you, stop by my Facebook page or check out my website, www.CharlestonsWeddingPhotographer.com.

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Mike Wilkinson's picture

This is awesome. Great find Nick!

Pierre Althinsson's picture

Anyone got opinions wich is best, this one or easyrelease?

I am using this for a while now and it's the best one i've seen!

Ruben Lammerink's picture

I stick to paper releases, as iStock and many other agency's don't accept digitally signed releases.


CrustyJuggler66's picture

Same with Getty and its really annoying. This is such siimple way to get an easy signature in the field and instantly have it backed up. Stock libraries need to get with the program a little more or at least create their own app. Benefits them just as much as us.

Tam Nguyen's picture

There are other apps on the App store that are cheaper. You might be even able to make do with a free one 

craigb3's picture

Photography contract maker. Does everything this does except the map, has more preloaded contracts, and there is a free and much cheaper paid version.

Anything for Android?

Would these work for Canadian shooters too?

John Pesina's picture

If this works the way I think it should it'll be fantastic.

Nicholas Gore's picture

@facebook-517217190:disqus  - I'm sure that there are a few apps out there, but I don't know right off the top of my head
@Chris Paine - I can't imagine why not.