SOLOSHOT 2 Improves on Original Design, Making You Your Own Cameraman

A little over a year ago, we showed you the original SOLOSHOT, a fantastic idea that made it so you could make video footage that followed you based on your location without a cameraman, via a small tracking device you strap to yourself. It's a brilliant concept, and SOLOSHOT is releasing a version 2 with some great new features.

SOLOSHOT2 automatically pans, tilts, and zooms to keep your camera pointed at you, from a distance, without a camera operator. It attaches to your tripod and follows you from a tracking device. You can also link multiple SOLOSHOT2s together to to get multiple angles and track multiple transmitters simultaneously. That's pretty sweet.

soloshot fstoppers 1

soloshot fstoppers 2

soloshot fstoppers 3

The new SOLOSHOT2 adds vertical tracking, automatic zoom control, that aforementioned multi-unit pairing mode, 4 tracking modes, an accessory port for add on modules and arguably most important a more compact and lightweight transmitter.

The price point for just the base unit, transmitter, armband and USB charging cable is $399 on pre-order, which isn't a bad price considering what this thing can do.

Thanks to Brandon Cawood for the heads up!

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cool. I like to read more reviews of users too.

Anyone happen to know what the implications are by their statement on their website: "Please note that SOLOSHOT is an outdoor use only product."?

At one point the video says the distance covered is 30 to 200 feet
My guess is that accuracy wouldn't be great under 30 feet for some reason - and it's due to this they say it's an outdoor thing. Just a guess.

thanks for the shout out!

I qualified for the pole position at the Indy 500! Will it track me through the race?