Sony Announces "Tough" UHS-II SD Cards

Sony is claiming that these are now the world's toughest and fastest consumer SD memory cards. Meet the new SF-G series TOUGH SD cards.

These new Sony UHS-II SD cards are built with long-lasting durability in mind. They are temperature proof, x-ray proof, magnet proof, UV guarded, and anti static. Additionally, they are shock proof withstanding drop tests from 16 feet up, IPX8 waterproof for up to 72 hours at depths over 15 feet, and IP6X dust proof (the highest rating, aka truly dust proof). Taking it up another notch, they even have 18 times the bend strength against the standard SD card, according to Sony's testing. Needless to say, this looks like one tough cookie.

The card design uses a one-piece molded construction and eliminates the more fragile ribs and annoying data protection locks that are commonplace on conventional SD cards.

As with the currently available non-TOUGH Sony UHS-II SF-G memory cards, these have read speeds up to 300 MB/s and write speeds up to 299 MB/s with compatible devices.

This is not Sony's first foray into creating rugged memory solutions for imaging professionals, and I think increasing this line of travel-friendly, durable products in part shows a commitment to the Sony Alpha brand image they've developed.

The Sony SF-G Series TOUGH SD cards will be available in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage options. Pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

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Eric Salas's picture

Patiently waiting for Nikon fanboys to sneak into the comment section and talk about how amazing XQDs are.

I see you in the bushes Brad...

I shoot Nikon and I hate the idea of changing to XQD. If SD cards can get faster, and every computer ever has SD slots... Let's stick with SD.

Eric Salas's picture

I’m just poking around of course but the idea of changing to XQD is ridiculous to me when I’ve never had a single person I’ve been on shoots with use one.

That's true. If you ever need one during a shoot there is a good chance you won't be able to buy one locally. It's too specialized. Nikon needs to let this format die or try to get all the other camera brands on board.

Phase One just moved into the camp, now you have three camera manufacturers.

I still have Nikons with SD but love XQD. SD is to flimsy for my fingers to fiddle into a small slot ;)

Fritz Asuro's picture

I'm not against your idea towards SD. All true! But since the day I moved/using XQD, I don't see my self using SD more than XQD (unless the camera has SD only)

user-156929's picture

It is kinda ironic, though, Sony has come out with an answer to XQD (maybe partly to diminish Nikon's assertion that XQD is better than SD) given the fact they developed it in the first place. I doubt it's a coincidence.

Isn't Sony one of the companies making XQD cards which they market as faster?

user-156929's picture

Yes. My point, though, is Nikon's new Z cameras only have one XQD slot while the competing Sony models have dual SD slots. Nikon's defense is, XQD is sturdier and faster. It seems a little coincidental, Sony would develop a studier, faster SD card. Sony will still sell XQD cards but they don't want to increase volume at the expense of their ML camera sales.

The exposed pins of a SD card are still problematic.

Michael Jin's picture

Yes they are. That's why you have two of them.

Tim Cray's picture

No, that's not why you have two of them..

The XQD cards are also supposed to have some sort of data safe feature but I don't know how that works.

Stephen Kampff's picture

It's worth noting that Sony have usually wanted to use XQD cards on their broadcast camcorders – until recently. They've switched back to SxS and SD cards with the latest iterations.

My guess is that the XQD standard had so many iterations and updates, that keeping up between the different cards/drivers became a nightmare for consumers. It got to a point where C-Fast, and now smaller SSDs, are too much competition.

Can I put TWO of them in any A7 or A9?

That’s why Sony made SD cards AND cameras with 2 slots.

Seems you don't know what the second slot in the Sonys is for. You can only use ONE UHS II card in the cameras as the 2nd is - well - for sd only to be compatible with Sonys Memory Stick! And if you use a SD in the 2nd slot your cam is slowed down...

Probably. What do you shoot with?

“x-ray proof, magnet proof, UV guarded” - were these ever the risk factors for solid state memory?

I feel like a rugged card like this is sort of fixing a problem that doesn't exist. Waterproofing makes sense, great feature. But I've never once snapped an SD card in half, or even have one in a situation where virtually any force was applied to it.

I have had several bend and one that fell apart.

Nick Viton's picture

You've had SEVERAL bend and one that fell apart?!!! It's possible the problem isn't the cards... just sayin`.

Jan Kruize's picture

Something in my mind says..... that will be a pricey one.

Martin Peterdamm's picture

finally tough card which are fast!
SD cards are horrible, especially my sandisk pro ultra whatever expensive never survived more than 6 months. in my experience the more expensive the more likely they break. all shitty cheap cards i bought somewhere in the nowhere because pro card just broke, are still working.
there where industrial sd cards for server and embedded stuff but normally they a slow an low capacity