Sony ZV-1F Versus Sony ZV-1: Which Is Better?

Sony's recent ZV line of compact cameras has caught many people's attention for a number of reasons, particularly vlogging and video. But which is the best option for you and why?

As mobile phones ravaged the compact camera market, I wondered if there was any way back for them. The role of compact cameras for consumers has largely been replaced by phones with their algorithmic image wizardry and the latest iPhone even has some of that magic in its Cinematic video mode. Nevertheless, a pocket-sized, dedicated camera can have its uses, and vlogging is certainly one.

Sony's ZV line of cameras has proven an unexpected success in the sector with the ZV-1 and ZV-1F attracting an audience of vloggers, in particular, creating extensive video content who want an edge over phone shooters. These two compacts may look identical but they have some differences. First and foremost, the ZV-1 has a 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens built in which won it a lot of fans, however, the ZV-1F has a fixed 20mm f/2.8 equivalent. Then there is the price: the ZV-1 starts at around $748, whereas the ZV-1F is a very reasonable $498.

In this video, Sidney Diongzon goes through the differences between the two, the similarities, and which he thinks makes for a better compact camera depending on your application of it.

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