Sony's Newest Tiny Addition: A GoPro Killer?

Sony's Newest Tiny Addition: A GoPro Killer?

We're still missing some key information, so it's hard to say. But Sony's gunning for GoPro with their newest little action camera.

Featuring Carl Zeiss glass, built-in image stabilization, and even soon-to-come housings that will make it waterproof and shockproof, this could really be a contender. Then again, we don't even know the name of the device, let alone the megapixel count, frame rates, etc. It does say HD on it. But I'm curious to see how good it really is. Read more about Sony's 'tease' on their blog.

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I own several GoPros - if anyone is going to end GoPro, it will be GoPro.  Their most recent WiFi Bac was a major let down in my book, and their customer service even worse.  If GoPro dosen't return to the quality and innovation that made their original product stand out, with the customer service to support it, then Sony and the others win just by showing up.

I'm curious to know why you feel the GoPro Wifi Bac was a major let down

Be aware: Sony's customer service isn't award winning.

Does Sony have customer service with human beings actually picking up a phone?

After waiting many months past the announced release date, the product shipped without the iOS feature.  What did ship required an immediate firmware update followed by a complex set-up straight out of the box.  One of the two units I purchased didn't power up, so I spent more than a week getting GoPro to issue an RMA.  A week after they received the unit, I've still not heard a word from them.

The second unit I bought does work well, just without the iOS feature originally promised.

It's why I never jump on a new product of any type. It's too common to be a beta tester with the first set.

Be aware: Sony's customer service isn't award winning.

i was pissed that the wifi bac wouldnt stream to an iphone from the original HD hero. so i ended up buying a hero2. only to find out the app isnt out yet.

wasn't it something you could check beforehand?

yet another small cmos censor. Who cares about resolution when any action shots are going to have rolling shutter like a mofo? The only thing cool about this camera is at least the fact that the cheapo plastic lens is a wide angle Zeiss.

Sony Is Atrociously hopeless at customer support! don't waste your money

Sony is not that what I call a customer friendly company. Even the products are far behind new companies. Its maybe a major fault leading a company like Merkel is leading Germany.

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Big whoop, looks exactly like competitor video cams on the market already aka

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SONY - Serving, Our-own-good, Not, Yours. Would have to see this to see how good it really is vs the GoPro for POV work.