SpinLight 360: A New Unique Speedlight Flash Modifier

SpinLight 360: A New Unique Speedlight Flash Modifier

Creating new ideas in the lighting industry isn't an easy thing. Even if you have a great new idea, getting people to accept that new concept is a long and tedious process. That said, I'm always excited to see innovation. New company SpinLight 360 is about to release a new line of products that look a little unusual.

The SpinLight 360 is a new flash light control system that allows photographers to create and control the quality and direction of light with the use of their existing on-camera flash units including Canon’s Speedlite and Nikon’s SB-series flash systems. The company claims that by using the SpinLight 360™, photographers can avoid harsh lighting on subjects and easily control the light’s quality and direction in almost any shooting condition. This is done through the ability to rotate the bounce cards a full 360 degrees. Photographers can easily bounce, block and eliminate direct flash on subjects while having the flexibility to create a variety of lighting techniques without large and expensive lighting systems. In addition, by using the unique Gel System, photographers can produce dramatic lighting and still have the flexibility to use and change modifiers.

This product goes right up against Rogue Flashbenders and the extremely popular Lighsphere and Honl Photo products.

If you're going to be in New York for the PDN PhotoPlus show and expo, you can drop by their booth (#155) and see the product for yourself. I'll likely stop by to check out build quality and usability.


What do you think? Interested in giving this a shot?

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Jaron Schneider is an Fstoppers Contributor and an internationally published writer and cinematographer from San Francisco, California. His clients include Maurice Lacroix, HD Supply, SmugMug, the USAF Thunderbirds and a host of industry professionals.

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Pretty cool!

Very neat idea To have flags, gels and diffusion in the same "adapter".

I'd love to see exactly HOW you switch diffusers and what not. Hope it's not too "flimsy-clumbsy"

such a simple concept... the swiss army knife of diffusers... like it already !!

look cute and cool! :)

looks really interesting.

Big deal for me will be quickness of switching the different modules as well as the build quality. Don't want it to break after one particularly hardcore wedding.

Love it can't wait to try.  Very innovative.

Would Love to see this in action and the different looks it produces.

Seems interesting...I don't like the absence of a grid option though - if that was also an option, I would probably be first in line to try them out...

I first heard about this from Neil Van Neikerk, from whom I learned to light on the run. I currently use Neil's Black Foamie Thing ($0.99 piece of foam from Walmart with a rubber band to hold it on the flash), and this seems like it'll do the same thing for me, only be faster, easier, and more versatile. Here's Neil's post about how something like this can improve your run-and-gun lighting: http://neilvn.com/tangents/2012/09/25/tutorial-bounce-flash-photography/

I also use the black foamie thing.
But i will love to have one of this :)

Looks like a great concept. It's one of those things were you ask "Now, why wasn't this thought of before, like 10 years ago?". 

Would rather have seen some pictures shot with these modifiers, instead of pictures of the product itself, this doesn't say much yet for me, although I strictly use speedlights...

I'd like to try these out too. I have one made by Fong and I'm not pleased with it, I wonder how well these are made.

check out http://neilvn.com/tangents/ Neil Van Neikerk invented the Black Fomie Thing (BFT) and was the inspiration behind this product. i currently use a BFT but would love to upgrade

When I first saw this thing on Neil's Tangents site, my brain started clicking thinking how could I fabricate something from black PVC. I thought maybe I could come up with some DIY thing that would accomplish some of what the SpinLight could but not as elegant.  It's not all that costly but I just like the challenge.

I'd like to see it put to thorough use in a comprehensive evaluation is a lot of different situations.