Stabilise Your BMPCC Raw Footage With Gyro Data

A couple of weeks ago, Blackmagic Design released a firmware update for their popular Pocket Cinema Camera lineup, the BMPCC 4K, the BMPCC 6K, and the BMPCC 6K PRO variants. The update has a slew of useful updates to the interface and the camera's functioning, but the biggest feature was a hidden one: these cameras can now record gyro data to their Blackmagic raw files.

Blackmagic Design is also going to be releasing a new version of DaVinci Resolve with the ability to use this gyro data along with their AI algorithms to produce stabilized footage. Now, that sounds amazing: a camera upgrade for free!

But how well will it work? You don't have to wonder, because Christopher Michael Law has tested it out for you. This in-depth review of the camera's new functionality is exactly what we look forward to. That's because he does all the analysis between stabilized and unstabilized, 4K versus 6K, walking, and stationary handheld shots.

The examples are useful real-world scenarios. The most important question he wants to answer for himself is: will it be able to replace a gimbal?

Check out his video, and if you're a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera user, you'll be happy that he's saved you a bit of work. 

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Susheel Chandradhas is a professional photographer and filmmaker based out of Chennai, India. He has a background in advertising and graphic design.

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