Store Your Light Stands Using Bungee Cords

I use a bike in Paris, and I use bungee cords to tie things down when I need to, but this video shows a way to use it in studio which I think is so simple, yet so brilliant. Studio space can seem large and vacant at first, but after a couple of weeks things start piling up and if you and your team don't clean up and maintain it, can become a place you dread going to. Light stands are one of the items we use mostly in a studio, and we have more than two at any given time. 

Light stands are tall and when put upright can easily lose balance and fall, most likely against the other light stands and create a beautiful domino effect for the moment. Their folded-up form factor is most likely the worst thing about them, but when they are set up to be used they are sturdy and carry soft boxes, parabolic modifiers and all various strobes you might have lying around. 

I've never thought about using the same bungee cord that I use for my bike in studio. I love it when I have one thing that can solve two problems. This is one of these.

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Other than nested racks that c stands use - do other people have good solutions? Guitars have all sorts of cool wall mounts - wondering if there is a photo studio equivalent

I use garden tool holders which work really well too and free up the space on the ground, works well for tripods too

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Nothing new to me. *why is it rotated?*

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I hung up a piece of 1/2" EMT and bent/attached hooks made from wire coat hangers to suspend my light stands. It allows you to slide the hook along to snug up the stands, yet easy to swing out & unhook. I bundle them for a specific off-site job with two pieces of cord with a trucker's hitch (I have the two pieces of cord with the trucker's hitch loops, ready to go, just for the stands/tripods bundle).

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That looks like another cool way to store them!