Syrp's New Magic Carpet Slider Adds More Functionality for Timelapse and Video

Syrp's timelapse machine, the Genie, rocks at what it does despite some limitations. You can read our full review of the unit here. Many of those limitations are made easier to swallow once you see what you can do with the new Magic Carpet slider, a tool with a lot of options for both video and timelapse. 

The Magic Carpet is more than what I initially thought when I was first briefed on the product. Originally, I believed it to be just an enhancement product for the Genie, giving me a more integrated way to use the pully/tether system for movement that makes the Genie unique. I was wrong, it does a heck of a lot more. 

The Magic Carpet is a standard slider with a few little additions that make it useful for more than your typical slider, especially when used with the Genie. As shown in the video, there is a pully lever system that lets you use counterweights when at an vertical arrangement, something that makes rising or lowering angle shots a lot easier and a heck of a lot smoother than trying it by hand. It's also a slider with or without the Genie, which means you don't need a dedicated slider for your timelapse or motorized video work (which usually requires a motorized rig that is so complicated and time consuming to set up you never want to unset it) and you can use it for a mix of purposes quickly and easily. 

With the Genie, the Magic Carpet becomes a repeatable motion video device and timelapse machine. You can program the Genie to function very similarly to the Red Rock Micro One Man Crew, which arguably makes it more useful than the One Man Crew because it's not a one-trick pony.

The Genie/Magic Carpet combo is starting to look a lot like the swiss army knife of video and timelapse, and I want one. You can order them directly from Syrp here starting at $300. That actually is really reasonable when considering how much sliders cost on their own, and don't have the connectivity or expansion options that the Magic Carpet does. 

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Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

looks nice! i would really like to se how good there Syrp ND Filter performs