Take a Look at This Bizarre Banner Ad for the Canon 7D

Take a Look at This Bizarre Banner Ad for the Canon 7D

I'm originally a marketing/advertising dude, so I'm always looking at ads. I actually watch commercials intentionally to see what brands are doing to promote their product. I just stumbled across this banner, and it's baffling to me how this got past the creative director's desk. I mean, really?

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 1.36.04 PM

I'm all for developing products for the left-handed, but this product just doesn't exist. Funny, I did click on it though. I guess the goal of the ad sort of worked.

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Finally! A camera for left handed people.

Ahah the new brand of cameras (nonaC) to left handed people. :)

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That makes total sense.  Maybe it's this: http://fstoppers.com/canon-france-teases-new-product

It's easy to see the image is flipped as the Canon label on the camera is flipped. I'm sure it's a joke. 

Viral advertisement in action...now everyone will check out that website

It's amazing how some people still have jobs in this field and yet I still can't get one... yes, I'm bitter. I'm tired of seeing mistakes like this when I know I wouldn't make simple ones like this. *sigh*

The thing is, you're likely talented, which means you cost money. They obviously didn't spend too much on this ad and are seeing the ramifications of that decision. 

For those that do self-portraits in the mirror. 

Brilliant Advert!

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the phrase; " and not one F@CK was given" , comes to mind :)

1-0 for canon

Obvisously that is not an ad BY Canon. And I guess the website that created the banner (comparestores.whatever) will have trouble if Canon see what they did with their products.

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there's nothing wrong! image of the camera its in the mirror. Canon it's written from right to left!!! 

left handed edition. lol

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Hahaha, I got the actual ad on this page, what are the odds? http://i.imgur.com/DihxN.png

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I'm not sure what this has to do with photography...and don't think that this could even qualify as bad Photoshop work....so, if anything has a camera involved (in any way) it gets on this site? FS...what has happened. Publish or perish, sure, but...really.

maybe its for left handed..  :)