Take These Extra Items on Your Next Photoshoot

To shoot successfully while on location, you need much more than just a camera. Be prepared for all eventualities with this ultimate outdoor guide.

Overlooked or missing items while on a shoot can cause major issues for a photographer. By not having the right gear with you, compromises usually have to be made, and these can impact the images you make. This is why it's crucial to have all the bases covered long before you even set foot outdoors. This degree of preparation is not just important for the obvious camera gear you will need to take, but also unrelated equipment that will help to make the process of shooting much smoother.

This week, photographer Nick Carver talks about this very subject as he walks through the gear he relies on when shooting on location. The video mostly covers the useful non-photography related tools he uses that help him while out on location. In many ways, these things are just as important and often overlooked when getting ready for a shoot. Carver explains his choice of vehicle as well as many creature comforts he brings along for the ride. Items such as a fridge might not be the first thing that springs to mind when packing your camera bag, but if you shoot on film, then it's actually a great idea.

I like many of the additions Carver mentions in his video. He explains the logic behind all his choices, and I think he has all the important bases covered. You may not think things like water tanks, beds, or even a spade are crucial photography gear, but they all make a photographer's life much easier. Anything that can prolong the time you can stay out on location will increase the chances of success while out on a shoot.

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