This Is a 'Thinguma' Every Photographer Will Want in Their Camera Bag

This Is a 'Thinguma' Every Photographer Will Want in Their Camera Bag

Tripod plates. If you're like us at Fstoppers, you have a ton of tripods and a ton of tripod plates, and it's sometimes a struggle finding the correct plate to match the tripod. Give the boys a break; I'm trying to teach them how to organize. Not only is "where's that tripod plate!?" a common outburst in the office, but so is "does anyone have their keys?" Thinguma is a tool made for photographers so we don't have to ruin our car keys to change plates. 

I know, at first I was thinking, "why on earth would we need this," but this little nickel-plated piece of steel has won me over. First huge reason: you don't look like a dingbat. Sometimes, it's not ok to carry a multi-tool with you (or maybe you're like me and struggle with opening one), and this awesome plate tool fits in the palm of your hand and also can attach to a key ring. Seriously, Thinguma will help you look like a professional and not have to whip out a pocket knife in front of clients.  

Secondly, this tool works with just about every tripod plate you most likely have, and that's right, including your annoying Really Right Stuff plates that use a hex socket (seriously RRS, stop trying to be different). Let's be honest, you always need an Allen wrench when you don't have one. Well now, you've got one on your key ring! We have two here at the office, and they really have come in handy, and now all my keys from here on out won't be bent or have weird marks on them, which is something my landlords with appreciate. 

I would seriously suggest purchasing one of these things, especially if you are just getting started as a production assistant or working on set in some other fashion. Small actions like having the correct tools in your grip bag or camera bag really do stand out to others and put you in the professional playing field. 

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Matt Barr's picture

Neat tool. The paint can opening things that home depot gives away for free work well too. It's basically a right angle flat head screwdriver key. They work well for taking off strap adapters mounted in the tripod socket, then tightening manfrotto plates on. This one does not seem to have a tool to take off tripod socket strap adapters, like the Black Rapid FastenR-3.

Anonymous's picture

You gotta be kidding me right! is this April fools day 3 months late? $20 for something that really costs about 25 cents? Actually that same 25 cents is all the tool I really need. Give me a friggin break! slow news day??

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

$20? :D hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha aaaa hahahahahahahahahahahaha

It looks like it would be handy for going through security screeners for getting access to certain venues like Air Force bases for air shows, or at Augusta National for The Masters. I leave my pocket knife in my car, or leave it in the house, lest I forget about my pockets. I won't even take small screwdrivers through security screening.

Might pay $5.00 but $20.00 no F'ing way.

Unfortunately they cost well more than $5 just to manufacture in the US

Jean-Claude Vorgeack's picture

For that price, it should also open my beer ;)

Lee Christiansen's picture

For that price it should BRING the beers...

All my Arca-Swiss plates are from Peak Design, and every one of them came with a hex wrench. I have one in my pocket every day, and at least one in every bag. They're only free-ninety-five with the purchase of a CapturePRO...

Ansel Spear's picture

Same here. All my plates are hex - and all come supplied with a wrench. RRS is not so unusual.

Eric Raeber's picture

Just out of curiosity, Chelsey, have you purchased one of these yourself, or have you received one for evaluation?

Chelsey Rogers's picture

They sent me one to use.

Jayson Carey's picture

nickels work just as well, and only cost 5 cents.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Or you could just get different size heads that share a common-size plate that's finger-tightenable. I got a Benro BH1 on my full-size tripod, a BH0 on my travel tripod, a DJ80 on my monopod, and an Oben QRA-R2 Quick Release Assembly on my flash bracket, and they all take the same plate that requires no tools to tighten.

Konrad Sarnowski's picture

I'm just using one of my house keys :P

Ken Kotch's picture

Looks cool but overpriced.
Really Right Stuff has started to include a hex key in some of their designs. Just got an L-plate fro my D5 and it stores in the plate so I always have it.

Until you lose it. ;)

Ken Kotch's picture

There are 2 magnets keeping it in there. It is pretty secure. I dont see losing it being an issue.

EXACTLY what I was going to say. No need for fucking allen wrenches anymore. Especially when you don't have one. Simplified my life soooo much when I replaced all my plate screws with those. I don't know why manufacturers don't provide their plates with those for starter ....

wow, can these be adapted to the longer manfrotto plates? I've never seen these sold separately. I absolutely hate having to find a set of keys or coins to tighten my plates especially when travel with no keys or coins

Just search for "1/4 20 D ring" on Amazon.

I use a penny. Guess how much it costs?

Jozef Povazan's picture

Another click bait article title with ABSOLUTE ZERO value to readers. A nonsense of the month for me actually !

Mr Hogwallop's picture

"Seriously, Thinguma will help you look like a professional and not have to whip out a pocket knife in front of clients."
If this is a problem, you have some "interesting" clients.
If someone gave it to me and it fit on my "already too many keys on on it" key ring I may use it. But until now I wasn't aware that looking professional while changing QR plates was something I needed.

Jeff McCollough's picture

As long as I get the job done and my photos look decent my clients won't care.

All TriPods have Arca Swiss heads and my camera has a Fusion plate. Once attached, never removed again as it fits the tripod as well as my strap.

Geoffrey Badner's picture

A solution without a problem.

Jayce Giddens's picture

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I use the side of my key to open plate screws... never damages it, gets it tight. If you're using and allen head in your quick release head... I would much rather use the hundreds of standard size allens I have laying around included free with every fixture or piece of furniture from ikea. Heck... save your $19.99 and use a freaking penny!

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