Thomas Heaton Talks Tripod Purchase

As photographers, the perfect bag and the perfect tripod for all situations are a unicorn in the midst for us. There is always one flaw that keeps each one from being the exact fit for our every need. In this video, Thomas Heaton talks tripods and what's important to him.

In this completely non-technical review, Heaton talks about a spur of the moment purchase to replace a broken tripod. I'm sure many will cringe at the idea of purchasing a tripod from a brand you've never heard of without any research at all and rightly so. This is a companion that will be with you for years to come. However, Heaton discusses the features he liked and the people he bought it from as being major factors in his decision.

Having been in this exact situation before for the exact same reason, I got a few good chuckles out of this video. Heaton makes some great points about gear in general and this video is well worth the few minutes of your time to watch it. He also goes over a scenario when other photographers stepped into his frame and talks about politeness and a few ways to handle such a situation. 

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TLDR Not sure who has 13+ minutes to watch this, I wish these vloggers would make 3 or 4 minute videos. Get to the point.
Anyhoo, at last count I had 7 tripods, if I include the gorilla pod. None are perfect but all have their good points and uses...Here's the thing, I tried to sell some of them but for the $40 someone will pay for an old yet still sturdy tripod I'd rather keep it. I do multi camera setups once in a while and I am looking to turn one into a floor lamp.
oops, I missed the vintage wooden movie tripod with a fluid head. So I guess the total is eight :)

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The first 4:44 had to do with something else. :-/

In case anyone cares...

He said he couldn't get spikes for his Manfrotto tripod but I have the same model and was easily able to get spikes.

Things he didn't know about his new Induro tripod: the main reason, in my opinion, for removing the base is to use a leveling base and, the "spongy wrap things" help keep your hands warm in cold weather as well as providing padding for carrying.

I kinda like Thomas' videos but, like you, wish he (and most youtubers) would edit out the fluff. And don't even get me started on the ubiquitous drone video accompanied by, I assume, their favorite music.

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for anyone who cares, Induro is imported and distributed by MAC Group in the USA. MAC started as the Mamiya America Corporation, the licensed importer for Mamiya that ventured on after losing the rights to Mamiya when the majority ownership was bought by Phase One. MAC Group provides not just the distribution, but also direct sales, marketing, support, service and warranty issues from their North White Plains, NY facility. all products originate and can be returned to the same address, just different departments within the same building address.

from what I'm able to gather, MAC Group is a wholesale importer and authorized service department, offering nothing in the way of design or control over the brands involved, but simply a single entry point for multiple brands of imported goods who don't find it cost-effective to operate independently here in the US. they describe themselves as a "sales and marketing company."

other brands under their umbrella are industry stalwarts like Elinchrom, X-Rite, Ilford and Heliopan, as well as Induro, Benro, MeFoto and Tenba... you've probably heard of the first four, but probably didn't know the latter four were under the same corporation.

PS the Benro tripod that failed on him was the Slim Carbon. i've also had one fail when i fell while chasing a sunset and it was strapped to my backpack. really, it's no fault of the tripod... it's designed to compromise strength for size.

PPS i have no relationship with MAC Group or any of the brands they cover. i'm simply a consumer and owner of multiple Benro tripods who chose them due to their appealing mix of durability, quality and value. because of my curiosity, i really wanted to know more about who/what/where i'm buying from so i did a bit of digging.

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It looks like Induro is planning a center mounting place replacement that has a center column for when one needs the reach for height.