Using the New Canon 1D X Mark III to Shoot the NFL Playoffs

The 1D X Mark III is undoubtedly a powerhouse on paper, with specs that are sure to make any photographer drool. But do those specs translate to the sort of real-world performance working pros need? This excellent video discusses how it holds up when put to the test in the challenging environment of the NFL playoffs.

Coming to you from On Sports Photography with Peter Read Miller, this helpful video review discusses using the Canon 1D X Mark III in the real world to shoot the NFL playoffs. The 1D X Mark II is already a fantastic camera that is capable of stepping into just about any situation with ease, but the Mark III takes it to another level, with features like a 20 fps continuous shooting rate with either mechanical or electronic shutter, an almost three-fold increase in the number of autofocus points, Deep Learning technology for tracking a subject's head and face, a gigantic buffer, and reduced shutter lag and viewfinder blackout, all of which add up to a remarkable camera that should be able to meet the needs of professionals working in some of the most demanding and difficult environments. Check out the video above for Miller's full thoughts. 

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Momchil Yordanov's picture

The claim by this guy that the III shoots "full stop cleaner" is ridiculous.

David Pavlich's picture

Let me know where you found this to be true. I'd like to read it.

Christian Durand's picture

you know that because ........

g coll's picture

Wake up Momchill! He says the noise is a full stop cleaner. He’s not talking about the exposure here. Go back to your Sony, dude.

Dave Morris's picture

The best 1DXIII review BTW