Using the New Photo-Centric Panasonic G9 for Landscape and Wildlife Photography

In the frozen depths of Canada, The Camera Store TV joined up with Wildlife Photographer Joe Desjardins to try out the Panasonic G9 for outdoor nature photography. Can this Micro Four Thirds camera stack up in a genre traditionally executed with DSLRs?

In this hands-on field test, TCSTV duo Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, along with the insight of Desjardins, really break down the performance of the Panasonic G9 in an outdoor setting, as well as draw the obvious comparisons to the incredibly popular video-focused GH5.

The Panasonic G9 features a 20.3-megapixel sensor sporting a Venus Engine processor. It retains the same excellent 5-axis dual image stabilization found in the GH5, and even gains an extra stop of performance on top of it. There are two UHS-II SD card slots and the battery performance according to Niccolls is excellent. Another point brought up a number of times in the field test is the high-quality 3.68-million-dot viewfinder, plus the very handy swiveling rear LCD display.

Check out the video above for an in-depth look into how the Panasonic G9 performs.

Is this a camera you can see replacing a DSLR for wildlife and landscape photography? What do you think are its shortcomings if not?

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No, it doesn't stack up. No, I won't be replacing my DSLR. Shortcomings are relative so it doesn't really matter.

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A landscape photographer friend of mine shoots exclusively on M4/3 camera because of the weight and 4:3 ratio. check out his work

I feel I need to be honest about this... these photos make me want to put my glasses on but my glasses are already on.

I don't understand the weight thing. The very last thing I'd want to do is spend all the time planning, spend all that money traveling, expend all that effort flying, driving, and hiking, then sit there for hours just to get the perfect shot then work my tukus off to cull and edit those photos only to compromise my final product for a couple pounds.

Perhaps a better pair of glasses is the way to go?

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lol, you get my point man. Nobody said M43 is sharper. My friend usually takes long hikes, sometimes 4hrs and also he likes long lens so the weight really adds up.