[Video] A 45 Minute Walk-Through With The Nikon D4

Scott Kelby was lucky enough to have a few Nikon reps come over to his studio with a brand new Nikon D4 and a the WT-5 (Nikon's new wireless transmitter). On another note, BH sold out of the pre-order on this camera the first day it went live but it's actually available again for anyone who still wants to get this camera early.

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Rutger Vermeulen's picture

Nice video, Scott Kelby is great, full of humor and learned a lot.

What lens hood is he using on that 70-200mm?

It's a hood from a Mamiya. It's great. More secure and portable than the Nikon version.
You can pick it up here:

My friend was working the primary video camera for this episode and got a lot of hands on time with it.  Awesome stuff!!  Love that I am local to Kelby and co. !! 

Patrick Hall's picture

Auto ISO with automatic 1/focal length min shutter speed....how awesome is that!

Lee Morris's picture

What would you use that for?

Patrick Hall's picture

You know you've been shooting at say 200mm and then realized you were shooting at 1/50th and everything is slightly soft

Finally! Have waited for that feature on Nikons for quite some time now. I mean, gosh, the Leica M9 have this feature, so why wouldn't an actual press camera have it? 

Oh well, I'm just glad Nikon implemented it, finally. :)

MARK P's picture

love the camera Kelby is as annoying as ever

Video is gone :(


what happen to the video.

Video was removed by user ???

Patrick Hall's picture

Email Scott Kelby Group, not sure why it was removed.  It was great seeing the wifi in action and them discussing a bunch of reader's questions.  Oh well

Low res video:

Isn't the same, but better than nothing