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[Video] The Nikon D4 Shutter In 1000FPS Slow Mo

Fstoppers reader Jason Kolsch just put together a beautiful 2 minute promo video of the new Nikon D4. The D4 is shooting stills at an impressive 11 frames per second but the Phantom (the camera that this video was shot with) was shooting at 1000 frames per second. The beauty of gadgets in motion should bring a tear to any nerds eye.

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Joop van Roy's picture

Most well-produced shutterporn i've ever seen.

cristian tudorache's picture

i wonder if you can see the oil spils like in d7000

Aaron Gilpin's picture

this made me think twice about getting a canon 1dx (if only for a minute) 

Randy Richards's picture

ONLY just a min. lol

zack zannini's picture

better than any of the nikon promo I saw..

Chris Quijano's picture

like a horror movie trailer

 Jason is alive....

If this was made into a commercial, it may actually get more attention than clips featuring Ashton Kutcher. Though I honestly thought I'd soon see dumb blond getting murdered w/ a rusty chainsaw.