Wacom Announces the Cintiq Pro 24 and 32 Inch

After updating their Cintiq line with the Cintiq Pro 13 and 16 inch in the previous month, Wacom announces two new products coming for the beginning of 2018. Both products will complete the Cintiq Pro range and come with brilliant 4K displays. One will be 24 inches and the second 32 inches, offering a solution for everyone.

Not only will the the new additions to the creative pen family feature fantastic superior quality screens, but they’ll also be the first large displays integrating the Pro Pen 2 technology. For those not familiar with it, this technology makes the pen more pressure sensitive, more accurate, diminish any possible lag significantly, tilt sensitive, and is battery free.

If you wonder about the quality of the screens, the current Cintiq Pros cover up to 94 percent of the Adobe RGB gamut. No doubt these will be at least as good, even though we cannot say for sure as Wacom hasn't confirmed the color gamut coverage for these new units. Price hasn't been defined yet, but we know they will cost between $1,999 and $3,299.

One may wonder why Wacom is announcing not just one, but two products, that won’t be available before more than six months. Well, they are planning on releasing exclusive behind-the-scenes content from now until the availability of both the Cintiq Pro 24 inch and the 32 inch.

To learn more about the upcoming products and behind-the-scenes content, be sure to head over to Wacom’s website.

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