What Cameras and Lenses Will We See in 2023?

2022 has been quite the year for the industry, with a variety of impressive cameras and lenses making their way to the market. 2023 looks like it will be another exciting year, with a lot to come from all the big players in the industry. This great video essay discusses what we can expect from the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more. 

Coming to you from Ted Forbes and DPReview TV, this interesting video discusses some of the things we might see from prominent camera and lens manufacturers in 2023. As much as I would love to see it next year, I agree that we probably will not see the flagship Canon EOS R1 in 2023. Canon often shows off some of their latest and greatest equipment at the Olympics, which would make 2024 a natural entry point for the camera. Furthermore, with the EOS R3 mostly keeping pace with the likes of the Sony a1 and Nikon Z9, there currently is not major pressure on the company to catch up. I suspect Canon intends to leapfrog the competition with the EOS R1 and is taking their time to get things just right, particularly given that the EOS R3's MSRP is $5,999, which means the EOS R1 will likely be significantly expensive, even by full frame flagship standards. Check out the video above for the full rundown, and be sure to share your predictions in the comments! 

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