What Can We Expect From Camera Manufacturers in 2019?

2019 is shaping up to be quite the year for photography gear, especially as the mirrorless race continues to heat up. What all can we expect from DSLR and mirrorless manufacturers this year? 

Coming to you from Tony and Chelsea Northrup, this great video sees them explore their predictions for what we'll see from camera manufacturers in 2019. Many manufacturers will likely have announcements and/or releases this year: Canon will likely update a DSLR or two, plus release a more professional mirrorless camera, Nikon is probably looking to update the D750, Sony will likely continue to expand their lens lineup, etc. Personally, I'm most excited to see if Canon releases an update to the 5DS R as a mirrorless camera. The new RF lenses are pretty spectacular optically speaking, and a high-resolution body that could take advantage of them and that also incorporated the sensor advancements Canon has made in the last few years would be pretty neat and likely quite the camera. One thing is for sure no matter what: for photographers who like to geek out over gear, it's sure to be a very fun year. What are your predictions for 2019? What would you really like to see?

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David Pavlich's picture

Always a fun time of the years. 'Fro' has his prediction video out as well. My very narrow view is from a Canon perspective. I hope that Canon releases a true pro body mirror less. My wants are based on stills as I shoot virtually no video; Pro body robustness in league with the current 5D series, 2 memory slots, 40 or so MP, 8 fps, a real battery grip, DPAF, base ISO64, and IBIS.

And the standard trinity of native lenses to go with even though Canon has shown that their current L glass works seamlessly with the new R. That would be a very good start along with the way cool R glass that's already here.

revo nevo's picture

Problem with canon is that they are making their own sensor.
Sony sells it to Fuji, Panasonic, Oly, Nikon... So they make much more sensors and they can make them cheaper.

I think that is the reason EOS R got "old" sensor and 6D mk2
Sure they can make 100Mpix sensor but can they make it so cheap that it can fit in 3500$ camera ?

David Pavlich's picture

They already have a 50mp sensor and I asked for 40 or so. What's your point?

user-128252's picture

Not going to purchase mirrorless for the next 4-6 years, R is the first generation. I like mature products. So I hope to see a FF DSLR in 2019.

Eric Salas's picture

Canon has had mirrorless before so this isn’t the first gen unless you’re talking about the mount/lenses they convientely made new to suck people dry of money.

Jim Bolen's picture

Would so love to see an updated D750 (D750s, D760?). By far my favorite camera ever, and it would be nice to have its replacement a permanent resident in my studio, and use the D750 for location stuff.