What Can You Actually Do With the Cheapest Camera on Amazon?

No doubt, camera equipment can be quite expensive, particularly if you want the best of the best. But what if you go to the other extreme, using the cheapest possible equipment you can find? This fun video follows a photographer as he goes on a shoot with the cheapest camera he was able to purchase on Amazon.

Coming to you from James Popsys, this great video follows him as he uses the cheapest camera available to him on Amazon. No doubt, top-level camera equipment can do some really impressive things, but on the same token, it can also be insanely expensive. Personally, I think it can be a lot of fun to find really cheap equipment to play with. For one, it is always a great challenge to see if you can still create compelling photos without relying on more expensive kit and an excellent way to develop your creativity by learning to overcome the challenges imposed by cheap gear. Check out the video above to see how Popsys gets along with the camera, and if you want to have a fun afternoon, grab a super-inexpensive camera of your own and take it out for a shoot!

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Peter Jones's picture

My heartfelt appeal to all video creators is please please cut the waffle, it ruins your video and turns people away, I watched a delightful lighting video recently where he cut all the unnecessary waffle and preamble and got straight to the point.
The video demonstrates that you don’t always need very expensive gear to take a picture, the picture? Mmmm a moot point me thinks.

Stuart Carver's picture

I think that kind of address is a style though and its good that the channels are different in that respect. i like James videos as he is quite dry with his humour and turns out to be funny. He speaks well too.

Michael Krueger's picture

Reminds me of a knock off GoPro I bought a couple years ago, video quality was absolutely rubbish and the still photos despite being 12mp had less detail than the 5mp camera on the Ryze Tello Drone.